February 28, 2024
Analysis: Due to shortage of manpower, the United States is issuing 20,000 visas

Analysis: Due to shortage of manpower, the United States is issuing 20,000 visas

Brazilians across the country dream of living in the United States, with the U.S. government recently announcing an additional 20,000 HB2 visas for temporary workers. The movement aims to rehabilitate skilled workers in the country.

Daniel ToledoLawyer and founder working in the field of international law Toledo Associated Lawyers The partner at LeeToledo PLLC, an international law firm with units in Brazil and the United States, reports that the benefits of this decision are temporary, but significant.

(Image: Freebick)

Due to a shortage of manpower, the United States is issuing 20,000 visas.(Image: Freebick)

“Available visas have a time limit for residing in the country and do not provide full access to immigration. Job vacancies do not affect the U.S. job market, only provide shortages of workers in certain sectors.

It is noteworthy that some characteristics are important for understanding the relationship between HB2 and workers.

“Entrepreneurs can be hired in certain situations. The visa only applies to job vacancies that are available for a one-time or seasonal event, in addition to those that require support during peak or intermittent hours. “

According to the lawyer, the main reason for the need for human resources coming from abroad is that Americans are being accommodated for informal employment, which does not require much effort.

“The presence of workers in the U.S. market is very shallow, causing a huge shortage. These Americans do not want to go back to work selling goods on Amazon, working from their homes and getting government assistance, creating them. Go into the comfort zone.”

According to Toledo, this scenario could be very harmful in the long run.

“The informal market can be very bad for the country because capturing and controlling taxes in this type of work does not provide the same efficiency. It stops being as enjoyable as it is today.”

However, the international legal expert sees with good eyes the addition of 20,000 visas to the H2B scheme.

“I hope these vacancies will bring a lot of benefits to the market, while at the same time opening up the opportunity for people to enter the United States and start immigrant life safely, solidly, and on a regular basis.