June 14, 2024

Kaique Pacheco wins US $ 2 million prize at Rodeo in US – Globo Rural Magazine

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Kaique Pacheco wins US $ 2 million prize at Rodeo in US - Globo Rural Magazine

Kaique Pacheco showed up in Arlington, Texas (USA) because he was nicknamed Iceman. The Sao Paulo Rider from Itadipa won the Pulling Tournament in The American on Sunday (6/3), winning the biggest prize in the history of the competition, $ 2.1 million (equivalent to R $ 10.56 million). . This is more than the $ 1.5 million that Pacico earned in 2018 when he was the World Champion of Professional Bull Riders (PPR).

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Kaique Pacheco, third in the Greensboro stage at the final of the PBR World Championship, (Photo: Disclosure / PBR)

Wins Millionaire Prize at Kaique Pacheco Rodeo (Photo: Revelation / PBR)

In Sunday’s final round, the 27 – year – old Iceman battled with three other soldiers and climbed into the Count Jail, scoring a maximum of 89 points. Having been the highlight of the Brazilian team in the previous day’s World Cup dispute, he stamped his classification to play in The American Final, a one-day tournament with two precise mounts and all rodeo events in both rounds.

After the win, he told PBR staff he did not know if he still deserved the $ 2 million prize, as Jive fell from Turkey in the final 3.49 seconds when he got on the bull. This record was reached in 2021 when the American Bull Rodeo did not win and the award was accumulated.

“It simply came to our notice then. I could not believe this. Before coming to the event, I did not think much about $ 2 million. If you think about it, it can bother you. You need to clear your mind and do your job as I have done in PBR all my life. Now I’m trying to figure out what this big money is going to do, and I’ll continue to work on my bull ride. “

Pacico, who rode to the finals, surpassed seven-time Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) champion Sage Kimsey, who scored 88.5 points with Gladiators Hammer. In the final round, two other competitors, Brazil’s Tener Barboza and current PRCA champion Stetson Wright, were knocked out by Juju and Seychelles respectively.

Silvano Alves, a three-time champion, was Pacheco’s mentor in the United States, who helped prepare the ship for the ship, and hugged him first for victory. The day before, the two had been part of the Brazil squad for the Global Cup, but Silvano finished the match with an accurate lift and did not qualify for The American.

“I love him as my son. This is hard to explain. He’s very humble, he works hard every week. He can do anything. It’s his time. He deserves that success. We did not know he could win $ 2 million even after he was previously abandoned.” Silvano told PBR.

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Since 2015, when he debuted at PBR in the United States and was “the newcomer of the year”, Pacheco has earned $ 3.5 million in his career. With The American Champion, it went for nearly $ 5.7 million.

The champion said he bought a large farm in Brazil after winning the title in 2018 and may now consider buying a farm in the United States. Pacheco lives in a house in Decatur, Texas, the city where most of the Brazilians competing in the PBR live.

In recent years, he has been competing for the world title with Jose Vittor Lemo from Moto Grosso. Leme won in 2020 and 2021 and is currently in 4th place. Pacheco, who missed the stages this season due to injury, is 25th.

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