March 3, 2024
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Atletico MG Midfielder sparks interest in the American team; The player is worth BRL 18 million

Oh Atletico-MG Has a great season and plays in three major tournaments for Brazilian teams. Oh Calo Is the leader in the Brazilian Championship, a win away from the Copa Libertadores final and will compete in the Copa du Brazil semi-finals.

Athlete-MG competitions

It was last Saturday, the Atletico Miniro Bound with the Sao Paulo team in Morombi. The 0-0 score at the Brazilian Championship confirmed another point. Minas Gerries opened the scoring with 8 points after the Corinthians lost 2-1 to Palmeiras.

This Tuesday (28), the Atletico-MG Copa will face Palmyra for Libertadores. Winning the first match 0-0 and any one score guarantees Gallo the final match.

For the Copa du Brazil, the club will face Fortaleza. The first match of the conflict will take place only on October 20.

Atletico-MG midfielder enters USA Club footage

Team Calo It stands alone with the participation of many athletes and the competition is tougher than ever. Because of the large number of foreign athletes, coach Kyuka uses some less.

One of them is the steering wheel Alan FrancoOnly 23 years old. He had a place with the Ecuadorian Sampoli, but with Guca he lost his place in the starting line-up.

Team Charlotte FC, according to the Territorial MLS website Major League Soccer, Will be interested in athletics. According to the report, Alan Franco Coach Miguel Angel Ramirez, a former international, worked as a defensive midfielder at the Independent del Valle in 2019.