September 28, 2023

Boston Celtics seek 7th seed in NBA playoffs Jason Todd explodes to 50

Boston – Bradley Peel Has seen interesting shows since Jason Todd Because the two on the basketball court are kids growing up together in St. Louis.

After leading his Boston Celtics to 118-100 on Tuesday night with a 118-100 win, Tottenham took the lead in the seventh seed and the first round of the NBA playoffs with the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night, where Peel said there was nothing the guides could do to stop him.

Peel said his mentors will return home to face the Indiana Pacers in the winner-take-all game for the eighth seed on Thursday night. “This is something I ‘ve been trying to tell his ass for years. It’s hard when you defend him. He’s 6-9, he can get his shot, he’s strong and he can shoot the ball.

“He has a three level score. So you have to respect everything he does on the ground. I know a lot of his moves, a lot of which I was, but I’m only 6-3. I want to be 6 years old with -9 robot weapons.

“He’s a special talent. I’m been telling him since he was in diapers. It’s not surprising to me.”

This is Totto’s all-round performance, reaching 50 points for the third time in six weeks. He went 17-for-17 from the wrong order, with eight restarts, four assists, one theft and two blocks in 41 minutes. That included an explosion of 23 points in the third quarter, which put Boston back in good shape.

“I don’t know,” Todd said when asked if shows like this had officially pushed him into the game’s superstar class. “I think it helps, I’m not stuck with people who think I’m a superstar and those who do not. What does that really mean? My teammates, I know I ‘ve earned their respect. I have earned the respect of the guys and coaches I have played against.

“I believe in myself, that’s all that matters.”

In that third quarter (26-23) Tatum automatically surpassed the guides as the Celtics opened the second half with 20-4. This, coupled with a 10-4 drive to complete the first half, gave the guides an eight-point lead that turned Boston into a 16-point cushion.

When the guides made two pushbacks to get back into the game at the start of the fourth quarter, the Celtics each had an answer, usually Tottenham or Kemba Walker, Had a 29-point performance to help take Boston to a meeting with Brooklyn and an old friend Kyrie Irving.

“We’ve experienced a lot of things, so we’re hardened in a lot of ways,” Celtics coach Brad Stevens said. “We were against the wall for most of the year [had] Playing tonight to join the playoffs to get the right to play the most talented team I have ever assembled since I was in the NBA.

“It takes a lot of effort, it takes a lot of solidarity, and it’s going to be one of the toughest times. We’ll be back in Brooklyn starting Thursday. We know that challenge when we’re reunited. If it’s a fan, it’s hard for me to see what they look like. So we have to play better, we have to play better together, we really have to be, really sound on both sides of the floor. “

For the Celtics it has been a season full of ups and downs, with both injuries and COVID-19 handling the rotating door of players on and off the line. That includes All-Star Jaylan Brown, Who is out for the rest of the season after wrist surgery last week.

But Tuesday night’s game was a reminder of what potential Boston, who have made the finals of the Eastern Conference for three of the last four seasons, have when it clicks.

However, these moments are very rare in between this season. The Celtics were injured in the first play-off match, which is why they will go into this first-round series with the star-studded Nets in a big setback despite their first talent and the latest playoff descent.

“Research, product – I think product is important,” the Celtics big man said Tristan Thompson, Who finished with 12 points and 12 rebounds in 30 minutes from the bench behind starting center Robert Williams, left the game early in the second half. “If you can prepare your opponent better than they can prepare you, mentally put yourself in that mode, I think you’re trying to get an edge. We know how talented this Nets team is. So for us, our product will be important.

“Guys should watch the movie. KYP – Get to know your employees. Get to know the person you fit in, get to know their tendencies, get to know the moves they want to make because those little things are counted in the playoffs. Every possession counts. So. [James Harden] A step-by-step ISO-ing when he holds the ball in his right hand, or a side-by-side ISO-ing from right to left, or [Kevin Durant] When the driver pulls or pulls it to his right hand you need to know the things that go into that game because those little possessions can determine the game. “

Against a team full of stars, it also helps if you have some to fight with. Tottenham and Walker, in particular, the way they played on Tuesday night, hope Boston will see more in their series against Brooklyn against the team they wanted to win this year’s NBA title.

“Obviously, it would be hard without it [Jaylen], “Todd said.” We know how good they are on a team. Everyone knows they ‘re the guys out there.

“But I’m glad to have this opportunity to be in the playoffs. This is my fourth year in a row. I did not take it as an order. Me and everyone are excited. It’s the playoffs, so we have to get ready for the next game.”