June 18, 2024

Celtics vs. Wizards score, takeaways: Jason Todd falls 50 in play-in game win, Boston wins 7th seed

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In the second game of the NBA Play-Offs, the No. 7 Boston Celtics will hold the 8th Washington Wizards to decide which team will face the Brooklyn Nets as the seventh seed in the opening round of the playoffs, and which team will face the Indiana Pacers on Thursday night to determine the 8th seed in the East.

Despite the guides taking a half-time lead, Jason Todd blasted 23 of his 50 points in the third quarter to help the Celtics open a lead against Washington, who will never give up. In the end, the Celtics won 118-100.

Now, Boston will set its sights on Brooklyn, while Washington will need to quickly focus on what Indiana can bring to the table after beating Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday night. We will soon find out who will be the final team in the Eastern Conference playoffs, but the Celtics will not have to worry about their position after tonight’s victory.

Here are three key examples from the game:

1. The tot will go away

It has been a tough season with the Celtics’ persistent injuries and absence, and Totem’s struggles are a significant part of it. He missed more than two weeks of testing positive for COVID-19, and since he returned he has had to use an inhaler and still has difficulty breathing.

Despite some difficult moments and games from him over the past few months, we also saw that he has put together some of the best shows of his career. He scored 53 against the Timberwolves, 44 against the Warriors in the clash with Steff Curry, and of course 60 points in that epic comeback against the Spurs. Now, you can add to the list Tuesday night.

Simply put, Todd was incredible. He finished with 50 points – the third 50-point game of the season – with eight restarts and four assists. In his biggest third quarter, the fact that he scored 23 points and automatically beat the guides (26) was a real statement and a major turning point in the game. The Celtics went between the two, finishing 10th in the third quarter. From there, they were largely successful.

One of the main reasons for Totten’s success against the wizard was that he put his head down and gave a hint to get into the paint. Not only did he finish several easy appearances at the edge, but the guides got into awkward trouble and from there he was 17 out of 17 from the free throw line for a new career promotion.

2. The Celtics dominate the third quarter

As the Celtics advanced early, the first half of the game was very even, but the guides struggled to take control in the second quarter. In the meantime, the guides were 54-52, and it seemed that we could come up with a very fun and competitive finish. The Celtics had other plans.

Todd started the half with one and one, and Walker put the Celtics ahead with three straight 3-pointers. Then it was Totem’s turn again, and he finished a guide time with a jumper and a 3-pointer. All of this happened in the first 3:51 of the third quarter, and before the guides knew what was going on, the Celtics took a 69-56 lead.

During that run, and generally in the third quarter, the game was pretty good. The Celtics went 12-for-23 from the field and 9 for 8 from the free-throw line, beating the guides 38-26. For their arrival, the guides hung on for a while, and received the deficit a few times for single digits, but they never recovered.

3. Witches have a bad night, but are still alive

This is not a good night for witches. Peel was fighting out, but he was clearly not 100 percent and had a lot of problems on both ends. He eventually scored 22 points, but needed 25 shots to do so, and had trouble defending the tattoo. Westbrook, meanwhile, had 20 points, 14 rebounds and five assists, but turned it around four times with 6 for 18. Even worse, as a team, the guides shot 3-point 21 off 3-point ground.

The good news for them is that they are still alive. Thanks to their incredible run at the end of the regular season, the guides did not get into the play-offs, they finished eighth in the Eastern Conference and secured a double elimination.

As a result, they have not yet been eliminated from the playoff controversy. They will now face the Pacers on Thursday night in the final round of the play-offs, with the winner of that game finishing 8th in the playoffs and reaching the first round with sixes. Although the Pacers seem incredible at destroying the Hornets, they have all sorts of injury issues, which is a game that can be completely defeated by witches.

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