June 14, 2024

Brazil vs USA Duel Determines Jungle Fight Welderweight Belt This Sunday

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Brazil vs USA Duel defines the new Welderweight Champion of Jungle Fight to be held this Sunday, May 1st in Sao Paulo-SP. Quemuel Ottoni promises to hold the title in Brazil, while the American Jose “Suezito” says the “belt” will keep him on his way home.

Jose “Suvacito” Diaz, who won five of his six fights at the biggest MMA event in Latin America, shouted, “For me, this belt goes to California,” which he won by four submissions and one knockout.

The weather warmed up this Saturday on the official Facebook page after the weight. According to Cumuel Ottoni, they exchanged provocations in English and Portuguese, except that they were very close to each other.

Quemuel Ottoni and José “Suavecito” swear allegiance (Photo: Leonardo Fabri)

“I told him ‘no problem’, we’ll meet tomorrow. The belt will be in Brazil,” the ballista promised, winning five of the six fights he has played in Jungle Fight, knocking out four and submitting one.

Only Cumwell can carry the belt to Ottoni’s home in Jungle Fight 107. His sister, Kelly, missed the opportunity by increasing the 500g limit of the Phantomweight division. Therefore, the title is valid only if Yanna Kadelha wins.

“It’s going to be a war, it’s going to be an event, and I hope it’s a passport for those who come out as champions in this event. In addition, fans can meet new fighters who are making their debut. For working tirelessly for the game as a tool for content “, said Walit Ismail.

Jungle Fight 107 can be viewed live on all Brazilians on SportTV2, Compete, TVA Critica, Joam Bon Sports, Joom Bon News and Bon Flix Apps. The first fight is scheduled to start at 18:00 GMT. Stay tuned to Jungle Fight’s social media for more event information.

See the card below (subject to change):

Jungle Fight107
Sao Paulo-S.P
Sunday, May 1, 2022

77 kg: Jose “Suvacito” Dias vs. Cumuel Ottoni – Welderweight Belt

Women’s 61kg: Yana Kadelha x Kelly Ottoni – Phantomweight Championship

61 kg: Deperson “The Prince” Batista vs Alexandro Congattie

70 kg: John “Snake” x Lucas Barros Goelho de Oliveira

66 kg: Diego Terra Nova x Marcios dos Santos Barbosa

61 kg: Jono “The Future” Carvalho vs. Maral Galaga “Vitto” Negroes

77 kg: Nimias Arazo Santana vs Lucas Rafael Ferros dose Santos

61 kg: Edson Lorenzo vs Vinicius Augusto Pierce

77 kg: Marcos Jinhani vs Lucas Campos

57 kg: Douglas “Pro Oso” against Matthias da Silva Severino

66 kg: Diego “Pink” x Manuel “Maranho”

61kg: Jean-Philippe Sosa vs Palo Picchao

66kg: Samuel Casimiro da Silva Bilho vs Joவோo Victor “Gladiator”

70 kg: Matthias Bahia vs Raphael Masaku

61kg: Diego Rodriguez vs Cavas

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