June 3, 2023
Brazilians found dead in US will be deported to Brazil |  The world

Brazilians found dead in US will be deported to Brazil | The world


Joao Caesar Marins and Dolles Pacheco have died in the United States

The The family of two Brazilians died in the United States,
Last Monday, he was still waiting for a transfer to Brazil. Bodies must leave the United States only after the results of certain tests requested by the National Institutes of Health (ANVISA).

João César Marins, 48, of Goiás, and Talles Pacheco, 40, of Minas Gerais, were found dead in a house in Marlborough, USA. The main suspicion raised by Boston police was that the victims of the carbon monoxide leak had drunk poison.

The information was obtained by the 33 – year – old son – in – law of Geronimo Morera Gonzalez Jr. from Koyas after contacting the Brazilian consulate in Boston. Only Brazilian diplomats in the United States take information from the police and pass it on to family members.

“Apparently they died of carbon monoxide poisoning, possibly due to a gas leak in the heater,” said Geronimo Morera Gonzalves Jr., 33, Marins’ nephew.

However, Boston Police have not yet finalized a report indicating the true cause of death.

“Everything indicates that they died at 11pm on Saturday night. They found the bodies after lunch on Monday. At 10pm, both bodies were removed,” Jr. explained.


Relatives of Marins and Pacheco set up online crowdfunding to raise funds and transfer funeral expenses and bodies to Brazil. The Marins’ family lives in the inner courtyard of the Goyas. Pacheco hails from Sao Jono do Oriente in Minas Gerais. Both campaigns have already reached fundraising goals.

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