June 13, 2024

Brazilian beef exports to China are expected to decline due to the deal with the United States

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Brazilian beef exports to China are expected to decline due to the deal with the United States

A China Released Brazilian beef imports For blocks certified before a ban lasting about one and a half months.

According to the calculations of an international researcher CNN, Luriwal Sant Anna, Minister of Agriculture, Theresa Christina, Would have reduced Brazilian beef imports in the coming months, having spent months trying to arrange a meeting to resolve issues with the country.

According to a source close to Louri, the minister tried to arrange a meeting with the Chinese agriculture minister four months ago, which he denied. Theresa Christina asked if the meeting could be remote, and the answer was yes.

Rejecting the information, the Minister of Agriculture said, “Minister Theresa Christina can go to China to deal with this matter, if necessary. Meetings are held between technical areas ”.

Other sources close to Lourival Sant’Anna say that the bad relationship between the governments of Brazil and China does not mean that the meat embargo is revenge, but that if there had been good relations, the crisis would not have lasted long. There will be more encouragement from China to resolve this issue soon.

The embargo marks the biggest trade crisis in the 47-year history of trade relations between Brazil and China. The Brazilian producers did not imagine that this would last so long, and when they got there they sent the meat through containers in the hope that the situation would already be resolved.

Amid the ban on Brazilian meat, there was a huge drop in the price of pork in China due to the outbreak of African swine flu, which contributed to the country not rushing to lift the ban.

In the second week of October this year, pork in China was 60% cheaper compared to 2020. In the third week of November, there was a 39% further decline than last year.

Background / CNN

In recent years, China’s pro-Brazil beef trade has grown: between 2019 and 2020, imports grew by 25% to 43%, while dependence on other countries such as Argentina and Australia declined.

/ Background / CNN

The current trend is that Brazilian beef participation will be reduced by an agreement made with the government. Donald Trump Gives China Imports of U.S. agricultural products increased by $ 200 billion.

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