June 14, 2024

Check out Lil Nass X’s new ‘Sun Goes Down’ video

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Lil Nass X Has dropped a new video for “Sun Goes Down”. Following the release of the self-directed video, the song “Montero (call me by your name), ”It came in March.

In the new clip, Lil Nass X appears in a white dress as he goes into a meditative state. While he works at a Taco Bell, he spends time in his room and goes to a school dance, where he experiences loneliness and breaks down. His current self provides comfort and encouragement to his former self.

He explained his visual approach and concept for the video Rolling Stone. “My visual aesthetic is always changing. But again in my work a theme is always Surrealism or Futurism. I really like to mix reality with fantasy that I think it is my ‘thing’ he said. “But [the music video for] ‘Sun Goes Down,’ I kept that kind of feeling to a minimum because I wanted it to feel so real. But you still put me in a meditative state, where I go into this purple world, it is like my future, everything has passed in one place. I fly through that and go back to my past, and I try to improve him. “

This weekend, the artist will be there Music guest Ann Live Saturday night, Closing SNLSeason 46. Lil Nass X announced that the show will include “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” with a “new song” which could be “Sun Goes Down”. On June 4, Lil Nass joins X Demi Lovato, Pink and many more artists Pride cannot be undone Virtual concert that benefits the LGBTQ + community.

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