September 25, 2023

Crazy Bill Mickelson crowd frustrates Brooks Koybka: ‘Nobody really gave’

Brooks Koipka has already lost Golf Competition. Now, he is trying to protect his surgically repaired knee.

As the riots erupted in the 72nd hole on Sunday, security lost control of thousands of spectators Entered the 18th fair track celebrating Bill Mickelson’s historic victory, Koibka along with his caddy, Ricky Elliott, get lost in the mob.

“If I hadn’t had a knee injury, it would have been cold if I had sunk a few times in that crowd because no one really gave a damn,” Koibka later said. “Yeah, it’s cool for Bill, but sometimes drowning is not my funny idea. I tried to protect my knee.”


2021, Sunday, May 23, Kia Island, SC (AB Photo / Matt York)

2021, Sunday, May 23, Kia Island, SC (AB Photo / Matt York)

The runner-up finish for Louis Ostuysson is the second in his sixth career at a major championship. Ostuysen, who won the 2010 British Open, finished 4 shots behind Koeboka, two shots behind Michelson.

“Look, I feel like I’m playing my heart out to get the second big one, and I know I have the game to do that,” he said. “It was close. My game wasn’t great over the weekend. I had to work hard to get back into controversy. Another second place, I had to pick it up. But I think I could probably. [gotten] Two or three more shots from my game. ” ‘

Ostuysen, who started two shots behind Mickelson, said of the chase, “I tried to be as aggressive as I could without doing stupid things.”

Rory McIlroy doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. As this week approached he realized the expectations for him because he had a win in Wells Fargo two weeks ago and he too won the PGA in 2012 when he was last on the island of Kia.

His Week 5 Ever was equally disappointing after he was shot equally on Sunday 72. He later said he “felt like he was stuck in neutrality.”

“I don’t understand those high expectations,” McIlroy said. “It’s good to have a win at Quill Hollow, I’ve always played well and I’m comfortable. But I told you. [reporters] I don’t remember much of 2012 on Tuesday. For whatever reason, this is not a memorable week in many ways.

“Nine years ago I didn’t feel like playing well here, it was automatically going to make me play better again, and it felt like coming here. Some parts of my game still need to be sharpened. Obviously, those parts were exposed this week in the wind and rough course.”

Current PGA champion Colin Morikawa, who won at Harding Park last August, had a relatively quiet week to retain the Forestmaker Trophy, but he finished strong in the final round, 4-under-Bar 68 Sunday. Week. 68 consecutive 75 and 74 rounds.

Phil Michelson Holds enters the final round of the one-shot PGA, with fans pulling for him: ‘WeS Co Lefty ‘

“I look back and I forgot so much about Fridays and Saturdays,” Morikawa said. “Those two days I played like that were kind of sucks, but it’s golf, you learn. But it’s always good to finish the rest of the summer at a big and kind of 68.”

Morikawa admitted that he felt he had “a little extra weight” as a defensive champion.

“People want to take the trophy from you,” he said. “I enjoy being in that position. It shows that you want to be in those positions because you’ve been successful, whether you’ve played well somewhere in the last year, whether in that curriculum or in any other subject. So, I hope to continue to defend that. I hope that means you are doing something better. “

The game between the Ryder Cup captains went to Europe’s Badrek Harrington, who had a strong week, finishing 2-under for the week after completing 3-Under-69 69 Sunday.

U.S. captain Steve Striker finished 4 overs this week.

“I’m so glad I felt like I was competing on a level with everyone this week,” Harrington said. “Physically, tea-to-tattoo, I played well during the week. At 49, you don’t want to go there and feel like you’re giving up anything.”

Harrington called Sunday’s final round, “My most interesting round of golf I’ve had on golf course for a long time. Today at least, I’m a golfer again.”

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Harry Hicks, playing in his first career major championship, finished fourth in the Week 2-Under, which qualified him for the 2022 Masters title.