June 18, 2024

Lockers vs. Sons: LeBron James shocked after tough mistakes; Many technical irregularities were released as a result of the eviction

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The Los Angeles Lakers Against there was a disgusting afternoon Phoenix Sons, And it played out after a tough mistake in the fourth quarter LeBron James. The moment came when James missed a free throw, but it got worse Chris Paul Trying to recreate it. He landed on the ground in apparent pain, but elsewhere on the ground, the real play began.

Alex Caruso Foul controlled the ball before being called, but he got into it with the Suns guard Cameron Payne, Who ran into the carousel to try to pick up the ball. Caruso smashed it, but when Payne pulled it back, he threw it at Caruso. Then, Montreal Harrell Payne was charged and moved, from where coaches and officials had to separate both sides.

Both Caruso and Harrell were called in for technical faults for the lockers. Payne was called up for two separate technical errors and was therefore eliminated from the game. Compensates for technical errors, so no page is thrown for free. James, thankfully, was able to stay in the game, alright.

The Suns led the game most of the way and were up to nine when the incident happened. The Lakers seem to be frustrated by their struggles, and the serious fraud on James has exacerbated the problem. Harrell was ruled out of a pre-season game Toronto Raptors. In the playoffs, better discipline is essential. Lockers and Sons players cannot be lost to dismissals or suspensions due to incidents like this.

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