June 14, 2024

Decreases stock future trigger worries

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The future of American stock It is being traded ahead of Thursday’s trading session on Wall Street.

Key futures indices indicate a decline of more than 1%, or 400 points in the downtrend when the opening bell rings.

The yield of the 10-year treasury is 1.27%.

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Wednesday, the Federal Reserve Talked about reducing America Economic Trigger.

The minutes of the latest federal meeting in June provided an encouraging insight into a U.S. economic recovery, and committee members discussed how and when to reduce the monthly bond purchases that pay into the financial system.

Just before the opening hour on Thursday, the Labor Department last week made new claims for unemployment benefits. Expectations were 350,000, down from the previous week’s epidemic of 364,000 claims. Continuing claims that the number of unemployed workers collecting benefits will fall by 134,000 to 3.335 million, which is expected to reduce a new epidemic.

In Europe, London’s FDSE lost 1.3%, Germany’s Dox 1.2% and France’s CAC 1.8%.

Fed Officers Discuss the Time of Tapping Asset Purchases During the June Meeting, showing minutes

Japanese authorities are ready to declare a state of emergency for a corona virus during the Olympics due to an increase in infections.

Market definitions in Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong have receded.

The Nikkei 225 lost 0.9% in Tokyo, the Hong Kong Sheng lost 2.9% and the Shanghai Composite Index in China lost 0.8%.

Wall Street closed at a new height, driven by gains in technology, industry and healthcare stocks.

Ticker Security Last Change Change%
Me: DJI. DOW JONES AVERAGES 34681.79 +104.42 + 0.30%
SP500 S&P500 4358.13 +14.59 + 0.34%
I: COMP Nasdaq Composite Index 14665.063071 +1.42 + 0.01%

The benchmark S&P 500 index rose 0.3% to 4,358.13. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 0.3% at 34,681.79. The Nasdaq compound was down 0.1% at 14,665.06.

Apple increased by 1.8%, Otis by 2% and Biogen by 3%. Energy and other sectors collapsed.

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In energy markets, U.S. crude lost $ 1.14 to $ 71.05 a barrel in the e-commerce on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The deal fell to 1.17 on Wednesday 17. Was 72.20. Brent crude, based on international oil prices, fell 99 cents to $ 72.46 a barrel in London. It was down 10 1.10 from the previous session. Was 73.43.

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