June 23, 2024

Delivered in Brazil, Volkswagen ID.4 already has 40,000 orders in the United States

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New Volkswagen ID.4 VW is already ranked among the best-selling vehicles in the United States. The electric SUV, which was recently launched in Brazil, but no launch date is mentioned here, has been performing very well in its launch in the North American country.

According to Volkswagen of the United States, nine out of ten customers of the ID.4 model identify themselves as first-time buyers of electric vehicles. The total number of bookings (since ID.4 arrived there in March 2021) has increased to 40,000 (mid-December), of which 15,000 vehicles have already been effectively sold.

Volkswagen ID.4 GTX No IAA 2021 3/4
Volkswagen ID.4 GTX at IAA 2021 - Back
Volkswagen ID.4 GTX No IAA 2021

Assuming there aren’t a lot of abandoned people, there are still about 25,000 ID. 4 buyers are waiting. Volkswagen Increase production and sales It is not easy considering the production restrictions and high demand in Europe as well.

The good news for Americans is that they plan to launch local production of the German brand ID4 in 2022 in Sattanoka, Tennessee. Battery cells for cars will be provided by SK Innovation’s new battery factory located in Georgia.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer says it supports transforming its dealer network into an electric future.

For the purpose of the call Network Readiness Cooperative Project, The company will invest US $ 20 million in service centers for electric vehicles, digital equipment, charging infrastructure and technical training. Considering more than 600 dealerships, up to $ 33,000 is being invested through stores.

“Volkswagen of America, Inc., (VWoA) today unveiled the first major results of its nationwide Grid Readiness Collaboration project, with $ 600 million invested by its 600+ dealership partners to focus on regional EV experiences.”

In addition, an exclusive electric car technician recruitment program will be implemented to “support dealers in driving training, motivate their talented technicians and recruit new talent with the ability to handle EV shifts.”

In short, Volkswagen is preparing the ground for the introduction of the electric SUV in the United States, which will have local production from 2022, resulting in increased sales volume. In Brazil, the Issued to ID4 magazines And to the general public, the brand mentions studying the market before launching this model here. We hope the release will take place sometime next year.

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