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Didi and Dede launch US-funded careers, book reveals - 12/11/2022

Didi and Dede launch US-funded careers, book reveals – 12/11/2022

Nine years ago, he joined two other elements to form the group Oz TrabalhaoIt was a hit on television and cinema from 1974, with actors Renato Aracovo and Manfried Sant’Anna rising to fame as Didi and Dede, respectively, who starred in the first film. Treasure stoneThe nine-minute fantasy short film was commissioned by the Alliance for Progress – a US government program designed to curb the spread of communism in South American countries.

The recommendation is in the book The American Night of Trabalhos: Behind the Cameras (Editora Madreperola, 330 pages, R$ 86.90), written by journalist Rafael Spaca and will be published on January 12, but is available for pre-sale. The work brings to mind Pia-born Vitor Lustosa, a screenwriter, assistant director, producer and director who worked on 16 films in the quartet of Didi, Dede, Mussam and Zacharias. Produced by Rêfêfê, directed by Roberto Farias and released in 1965, Treasure stone According to Lustosa, at the height of the Cold War, John F. Kennedy’s government was interested in imperialist propaganda. The Alliance for Progress seal can be seen on the tractor in the final scene of the film – here it is, in the wild west!

“The purpose was to spread Uncle Sam’s institutional aid to Latin America (…) and to instill in the people the values ​​of social and philanthropic development through American capitalist propaganda. “The paths of the Cuban revolution are supported by the communist system of the Soviet Socialist Union”, reveals Lustosa. As evidence of the short film’s relationship with the Good Neighbor policy practiced by the United States, he recalls that the film was screened at the private theater of the North American Consulate in Rio de Janeiro.

Rafael Spaga (Photo below) – Broadcaster, writer, documentary maker famous for studying group Oz Trabalhao and has worked with culture in Santo Andre for five years – notes the publication American night The controversial documentary is ahead of its release Endless chaos, which has been produced since 2018 and Renato Aracove will try to ignore. Renato Aragão tells Spaca Daily, pressuring sources not to grant interviews for the documentary. “But Trapalhões are the only films that Globo doesn’t sell,” reveals the journalist, citing the TV station that the quartet consolidated its success with. Despite setbacks, Endless chaos It should premiere on streaming in the first half of 2023.

About American night…, Spaga says it’s a tribute — he’s a self-confessed fan of comedians. “In a light-hearted, probing and in-depth chat, Vitor reveals all the film dynamics of the team, financing, behind-the-scenes of the production and many stories that will delight fans”. Lustosa, now 73, was filming with the Bumblers in 1975, when he wrote the screenplay. Clumsy on Treasure IslandSince its inception in 1986 TRAVELHOUSE AND THE KING OF FOOTBALL – Also a screenwriter.

With no release date set, Spaga is working on another book. Os Trapalhões: A Way of Being, Thinking and Expressing Four years of research resulted in the recovery of more than 3,000 documents, including newspapers, magazines, websites, radio programs and podcasts, along with interviews with Didi, Dede, Mussam and Zacharias. “It is essentially a biography narrated without intermediaries”, he sums up. The work will feature an interview with former Globo omnipotent, Jose Bonifacio de Oliveira Sobrinho, better known as Boni.

Rafael Spaga says he was neglected by Renato Arago (Photo: DGABC archive)