February 28, 2024

European stocks often end higher after US data

Most European Scholarship Closed today (5) with a payroll list that showed strong job creation in the country in October, following the release of the employment report in the United States.

Or index Stoxx 600, Consolidating key stocks in the region, rose 0.05% to 483.44 points, up 1.67% weekly.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the planet’s largest economy recorded a net job creation of 531 thousand in October, which exceeded analysts’ average expectations. Broadcast Predictions, From 400 thousand.

According to Western Union analyst Joe Manimpo, the decision by the Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America) to justify continuing the debate on interest rate hikes was “strong”, announcing the start of the withdrawal process this week. Triggers, “tapping”. With the data on the radar, the index FTSE 100, A note on the London Stock Exchange, ended the session with a gain of 0.33% at 7303.96 points, a weekly advance of 0.92%. There, the surprise continues to resonate with the Bank of England (BoE)’s decision to maintain a base interest rate of 0.1%.

Today, President Dave Ramston, one of the two votes against maintaining the rate, said he voted for the increase because he wants to control the recent rise in inflation expectations. “It worries me that this movement in the UK has been relatively stable, above average, and has a relatively stable historical average,” he said.

In Frankfurt, the DAX was up 0.15%, up 2.33% for the week at 16,054.36 points. Germany’s industrial output fell 1.1% from August to September, the country’s statistics firm Testadis said today.

In the euro zone, retail sales fell 0.3% on the same comparative basis, contrary to market expectations, according to the EU.

However, the indicators did not have any impact on the business. The CAC 40 from Paris is up 0.76% today and 7,040.79 points, up 3.08% from last Friday. In Milan, the FTSE MIB was up 1.00% at 27,795.93, up 3.42% from the last five trading sessions.

In the Iberian markets, the iPex 35 was up 0.93% at Madrid, gaining 9,123.50 points, or 0.73% for the week. In the opposite direction, Lisbon’s PSI 20 stood at 5,644.63, up 1.02% today and 1.52% for the week, amid political uncertainty in Portugal.