February 27, 2024
Facebook's submarine cables connect Europe and the United States

Facebook’s submarine cables connect Europe and the United States

Facebook has announced its first undersea cable system Sea lines In a presentation last Tuesday (5). The project will feature 24 pairs Optical fiberIt will bring 200 times more transmission capacity than cables built in the 2000s.

According to the company, even some recent cables are only made from two to eight fiber pairs. So, Facebook has partnered with other companies in the industry to create the first 24 pairs of submarine cable system.


“Through our connectivity efforts, we have helped connect more than 300 million people to the fast internet. We hope to implement affordable, high-quality connectivity for another billion people,” said Don Rabinowitz, Vice President of Facebook Links.

Facebook Underwater Cables

Undersea Cables is Facebook’s new project. 2 The giant recently announced that Africa would be funded with the help of allies, Should become the longest in the world when the extension is added.

2 Africa (Image: Exposure – Facebook)

The purpose of 2Africa Cable is to provide internet to countries in Africa and connect the continent with other parts of the world. Initially, the project covered 37 thousand km. Last month, however, the federation announced it had four more branches in the Seychelles, the Comoros Islands, Angola and Nigeria, with a length of 45,000 km. With the new extension, its length will be used even more.

According to Kevin Salvadori, Vice President of Network Infrastructure for Social Networking, although the original project required 1.2 billion people to have an Internet connection, the extensions would allow more than 3 billion to benefit from the connection.

The Facebook 2Africa submarine cable is expected to start operating with new segments between 2023 and 2024.

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