March 30, 2023
US Debts and 4 Other Issues Affecting the Stock Exchange - 10/07/2021

US Debts and 4 Other Issues Affecting the Stock Exchange – 10/07/2021

Follow it at Cafe com Mercado UOL, Five lessons that could move the stock market this Thursday (7), and action to keep an eye on.

1) US Credit – On Wednesday (6), the move by the US government to prevent debt repayment took another chapter and boosted markets.

Mitch McConnell, a leading Republican in the U.S. Senate, said his party would support raising the country’s debt ceiling by December.

Until then, Republicans have refused to support the move, which will leave the country without money to meet obligations such as pensions and interest on the country’s government bonds, which begin Oct. 18.

The announcement came as a relief to the US market yesterday Ibovespa Recovering from the strong fall he had experienced until then. In the morning the index fell 2%, but closed with a slight increase of 0.09%.

The dollar closed virtually flat, with a slight increase of 0.02%.

Despite support, the Senate postponed a vote to raise the debt ceiling.

2) Unemployment in the United States – In the United States, the number of new claims for unemployment insurance made last week will be released.

Data is released every Thursday and reveals how the US economy is doing. This affects investor expectations and can move the stock market here.

3) Energy crisis in Europe – Another issue that worries investors around the world is the energy crisis in Europe, which has seen the price of natural gas soar to an all-time high.

According to Independent Commodity Intelligence Services, there was a 300% increase in about a month in the UK alone.

The improvement in gas and oil prices, which is at an all-time high in the last five years, is further accelerating inflation on the continent and worrying investors who fear a recession and a recession in regional countries.

4) Eurozone interest – The minutes of the last meeting of the European Central Bank (ECB) will be released this Thursday (7), the body responsible for determining interest rates in the eurozone.

Investors fear that the economic stimulus in the camp will fall sooner than expected – this could affect investment decisions around the world and move the stock market here.

5) CBI Govt – This Thursday (7), the From CBI to Govt Tatoo Frederico Andrade, who blocks senior clients, and Walter Correa de Souza Neto, a former physician at the health insurance company, ask. Both will be questioned as witnesses.

Tadeu Frederico received the Govit-19 and, as a recipe, the “Govid Kit”. His health deteriorated and he was admitted to the ICU.

Walter Correa de Zosa Neto could clarify whether the doctors in the program had autonomy and whether there was in fact a blind distribution called the Govit Kid.

Evidence is important because they can exacerbate allegations that the insurer acted on behalf of the government to verify treatment illegally by the Gov. Kit.

Watch out

Analyst Lucas Claro, from PTG is real Digital brings a network of hospitals, the Red D’Or to today’s Fica de Olho (RDOR3)

On Wednesday (6), the chain announced the acquisition of another hospital, and it has been encouraging researchers for a long time to show that the company is following the agenda revealed in its IPO.

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