June 14, 2024

Formula 3 changes the calendar, making the United States the deciding destination for Russia

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Formula 3 changes the calendar, making the United States the deciding destination for Russia
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Saturday (4) morning used Formula 3 to confirm a significant change in the calendar for the 2021 season. Changing championship date and place: Replacing Austin with American Formula 1 GP Formula 2 In SochiIn Russia, a month ago.

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The decision of Formula 3 came mainly for logistical reasons due to the many difficulties in obtaining entry visas in the United States. The country is experiencing growth in Govt-19 cases due to resistance to the vaccine. The event was scheduled for the weekend of October 23-25 ​​and is now moving to September 25-26. This weekend’s stage is final in Holland.

Bruno Michael, CEO of Formula 3 and Formula 2, confirmed that the two access units will be together over the same weekend. Formula 1 Sachi is not the Olympic Park.

Arthur Lecturer;  Logan Sergeant;  Formula 3;  RUN 1;  Netherlands;
Arthur Leklerk holds Logan Sergeant Race 1 in battle for victory in the Netherlands (Photo: Formula 3)
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“I would like to thank everyone involved, including Formula 1 and FIA, our teams and Sochi advertisers, for this change. We are pleased to bring both of our divisions back to Russia, but are very sorry for not bringing F3 to Austin this year. I look forward to it. ”

According to an official statement posted on the Formula 3 website, “All interested parties have agreed to a change in the calendar following the inevitable changes in logistics that will greatly affect the overall cost of the planned event from Austin to F3”.

Formula 2 has a season that goes a little further. Even after the four levels have already been completed, there is still three times as much Monza, Then goes to Russia and Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

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