June 25, 2024

Google makes it easy to search for health services in the United States

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New features that make searching easier Health services Are coming to the United States Google With this news starting this Thursday (2), the search company wants to better help people who are looking for certain types of services.

One of the tools is related Medical insurance, Required when admitted to hospital or private clinic. When using Google to search for a doctor in the United States, the Internet user can now see in the results which contracts are accepted by the specialist he or she wants to meet.

This feature makes a difference in smartphone searches, allowing you to find out which service locations are acceptable nearby. Medical insurance. It’s a Medical insurance For Americans 65 and older, except for meeting People with disabilities.

Identify hospitals and practices that accept medical insurance.Identify hospitals and practices that accept medical insurance.Source: Google / Revelation

Mountain View, in collaboration with healthcare providers, has been releasing these updates in recent months to connect with others. Using the latest functionality, companies can report what kind of services they offer, access to that space and even Make easy appointments online.

What language does my doctor speak?

Another innovation that Google has now introduced in the United States is targeting foreigners who may or may not need medical care. With the source, the web user can find, through the search engine, What language do you speak The health expert examined.

Hospitals and clinics can tell you which languages ​​are spoken in the facility.Hospitals and clinics can tell you which languages ​​are spoken in the facility.Source: Google / Revelation

According to the company, the option given to physicians to indicate which languages ​​are spoken in their offices is essential to provide the service correctly. At this first moment, more than a dozen languages ​​are mentioned in the tool Spanish It is American Sign Language.

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