June 24, 2024

US Congress seeks to end federal government strike – International

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The duty of vaccination imposed on large corporations by the Democratic government of Joe Biden threatened the efforts of the US Congress on Thursday (2) to pass the new budget, which pushed the risk of paralyzing the federal administration. .

U.S. lawmakers have only a day and a half to reach an agreement on the new fiscal law to avoid a sudden cut in federal public funds that will send thousands of employees into technical unemployment (following in their footsteps but not working).

Ministries, national parks, museums and many other public institutions will be affected by this event.

The 2018 winter strike, the longest in the country’s history, for example, has affected package control at airports, causing chaos that most lawmakers do not want until the holiday season.

– “Oh mess” –

A small group of Republicans, most of whom are close to former President Donald Trump (2017-2021), are refusing to support the new budget, hoping it will help fund compulsory vaccinations in some parts of the country.

Legislators will try to reach an interim agreement extending the government’s current budget until February 18. After lengthy negotiations involving $ 7 billion to help Afghan refugees.

The White House insists that the text be urgently approved.

“We are not going to shut down the government,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told Fox News.

But the “shutdown” is likely, even for a few days, after it is approved by the House of Representatives, and the text must go to the Senate before President Biden can get approval.

Any changes in the other room could significantly delay the referendum and confuse the government.

‘Last minute’ agreements are common in Congress, especially when the topic is a provisional budget.

The urgency of the topic runs parallel to other priority issues in Congress.

In addition to the budget law, legislators must agree on a security budget fund, which is far from a consensus.

However, an even more urgent issue has arisen in recent weeks, because from now until December 15, in an attempt to escape the first federal ‘default’ in history, raising or stopping the US credit limit must be discussed. The largest global economy.

Without agreement at this point, the United States may go without money to pay off its debts, which is a catastrophic situation for the global market.

If Congress can take care of all things in a timely manner, it could put on its agenda a massive social and environmental investment program promoted by PID, which is estimated at $ 1.75 trillion.

The plan to provide free day care for all children and investments to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions has been stalled in Congress for months.

Biden considers these measures to regain his declining popularity and finally consolidate his rule.

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