June 14, 2024

In the US, Anita is auctioning off her ‘Carnival Experience’ for R $ 626,000; The party in Brazil is uncertain – emails

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Assine Estadão
Anita Plogo Das leads the Poderosas team at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Anita Plogo Das leads the Poderosas team at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival Photo: FABIO MOTTA / ESTADÃO

Again United States After a quick trail Brazil, Singer Anitha In Miami, early Thursday morning, he attended a charity event and donated the item “Carnival Experience with Anita”, which was auctioned for US $ 110,000 – approximately R $ 626,000. However, in 2022 the party in Brazil remains uncertain Govit-19.

In the videos posted by Marina Morena, a Brazilian businesswoman and member of the funk team on social networks, you can see the ending moment, but it is not clear what the deadline for using the “award” is. The name of the purchaser was also not released. Check:

Organizing Committee Core (Community Organized Relief Initiative), A non-profit organization founded by an actor Sean Benn The event focuses on helping support the victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and increasing support for the protection of Govt-19 victims in South America.

In addition to “Festive Action”, the Brazilian sang on his latest releases, “Me Gusta”, “Girl from Rio” and “Faking Love” and the hit “Downtown”.

Carnival in Brazil

With the appearance of variation Omigron, Uncertainties about the completion of the carnival in 2022 increased. Cities like Sa Palo, Rio de Janeiro e Salvador – Venues promoting rehearsals for the banquet and marching with the electric trio – have not yet presented definitive results.

Rio Mayor, Eduardo Pius (PSD) said in a recent interview that he would “hit the hammer” Additional technical information about the new strain. In Sao Paulo, the situation is promised to end by the end of December, the municipal secretary of health, Edson appeared.

Depending on the infectious situation such as consultation, admission and vaccination data. In parallel, the event continues at the production and organization level. In addition City Hall released their first 440 approved street blocks To parade at the banquet. Anita is an attractive one.

On the other hand, at least 70 cities in the interior of the state have already canceled next year’s extravaganza. The city hall said the capital of Bahia had recently canceled the New Year celebration and it would be announced whether Mamesco would host the event or not. State Government.

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