September 29, 2023

Green Bay Packers GM Brian Goodegunst QB with Aaron Rodgers ‘optimistic’ for positive resolution

Green Bay, Wis. – Green Bay Packers did not say what they thought Aaron Rodgers Senior players will be shown on Tuesday when they have to report to training camp, but on Monday they believe they have a chance to play for them this season.

In his annual State-Football-Department speech to Packers partners at Lambo Field, General Manager Brian Guttegunst included Rodgers in a “strong return nucleus” while acknowledging that there may still be things to work on with the NFL MVP.

“We are working tirelessly with Aaron and his representation to resolve the issues he has raised in this office,” Guttegunst said. “We are confident of a positive resolution.”

Packers chairman Mark Murphy and a team of team managers entered Lambo Field, where they were greeted with frantic applause as they took the stage set on the playing surface.

Guttegunst, in getting back to the 2020 season, was loud when he mentioned that Rodgers had won his third MVP.

Murphy reiterated his position that not only do the Packers love him, but they owe him “2021 and beyond”.

“He’s our leader and we look forward to winning another Super Bowl with him,” Murphy said. “Obviously, this was a challenging situation for Aaron and us as an organization. But let’s not forget all the great things Aaron did for this organization. Three-time MVP, Super Bowl Champion. It’s easy to forget, but he’s a unique talent. We’re glad to have him.”

Rodgers has been largely silent since ESPN’s Adam Schifter broke the news of a quarterback’s position that he was dissatisfied with the team. In the longest interview ever given to him since then, Rodgers mentioned Kenny Mann several times during his final Sports Center show in May that he thinks an organization should be about people.

However, during Monday’s meeting, discussing the stadium’s improvements, Murphy said: “Lambo Field is the best asset we have as an organization.”

Rodgers said in May: “I think sometimes people forget that they really created an organization. History is important, the legacy of many who came before you. But people, that’s the most important thing. People create an organization, people create a business and sometimes forget it. Culture is built brick by brick, its foundation by people, not by organization, not by building, not by company. It is built by people. “

Murphy is expected to address reporters following the meeting.

Rodgers is under contract for the 2023 season, but avoided all official action in June, including the team’s mandatory minicamp. This allowed the bakers to receive a second-year quarterback Jordan Love, The team’s first-round pick in 2020, is ready if Rodgers does not play this season.