April 13, 2024

Comment: Elon Musk says he does it through regular revenue calls. Tesla is great for investors.

Elon Musk says he’s done with regular appearances on revenue calls. Tesla Inc. and its investors should be grateful.

Kasturi said on Monday, Describes Tesla’s first-quarter profit of more than $ 1 billion, He would no longer participate in such conference calls, “unless there is something important I have to say.” Prior to taking questions from Wall Street, he broke the news while answering a crowd-pleasing question from the Internet about his desire to be interviewed by YouTube channels centered on Tesla.

Previously, revenue calls included “important” things that Musk had to say COVID-19 describes public health restrictions as “fascist” during infections Call A Wall Street researcher finds a “bone head” in a bone, And says he was not looking His most valuable company Even Profitable. These are events that no investor should miss.

Less microphones for the Musk should be less likely to land mines on Tesla’s DSLA,
+ 2.21%
Path. One of Musk’s most dangerous current games is autonomous-driving predictions, which have already led to failed promises Autonomous driving journey from beach to beach And a Navy of Tesla robot-taxis by 2020.

Further: It’s time for Elon Musk to start telling the truth about driving an autonomous vehicle

Tesla About five years ago it began selling “full self-driving” packages for thousands of dollars, With updates on the Internet, and even more to offer name-reducing capabilities, Tesla has Began offering subscriptions of up to $ 200 a month for assistant-driving features. Musk, however, acknowledged that the question was whether it was worth subscribing to Tesla’s software.

“We have to do full self-driving work to make it a compelling value proposition. Otherwise, people are betting on the future,” Musk said Monday. “Right now, does it make sense for someone to make an FSD subscription? Once driving is widely used, the value proposition will be clear. ”

When will it be? Well, the subscription plan “will be a significant factor next year,” Musk said.

The thing is, Tesla has a lot of valuable information that investors need, which is more than bi-in-ski predictions about autonomous driving. The call also includes news of Tesla’s current supply chain problems, better intelligence including semiconductor shortages and delays of half and cybertruck.

“CyberTruck and Semi need to address chip shortages to measure meaningful volume for customer deliveries,” Musk said.

In addition to discussing the issue of battery products and the benefits of materials such as nickel and the future of iron as a battery material, Musk spoke about the small components that limit Tesla’s production around the world. Similar to what the PC industry has recently experienced.

“For example, a big fight this quarter is the module for controlling airbags and seat belts, and without them you can’t send a car,” Musk said. “This has severely limited our production globally in Shanghai and Fremont.”

We hope that Tesla will find an administrator to answer difficult questions and provide direct explanations without a side show. Many investors / fans will miss Musk in future earnings calls, but without his exaggerated statements and predictions they would have served better.