October 3, 2023

Representative Byron Donalds expands on Chris Cuomo CNN host COVID vaccine as legislator: ‘Please don’t bother me’

Representative. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., Had a war exchange with the CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, Who attempted to lecture about the legislator Corona virus Vaccine.

Cuomo on Monday night viewed Donalds’ home state of Florida as the “center” of the current upsurge in delta diversity, following his response to the Sunshine State virus in an attempt to break away from the virus. The brother, Andrew Cuomo, of the Democratic New York government, has been under intense scrutiny in recent months for his handling of the virus.

After being welcomed on the plane, Donalds began by emphasizing the “age component” of the virus, and how “85%” of the most vulnerable senior citizens are vaccinated. The Florida government cited Ron Desantis’ “Don’t Focus My Florida” campaign trade-offs, insisting that Republicans “politicize” vaccines, and that Cumo was “not the whole story.”

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“I’m not going to take it because I do not care what Biden wants! Byron Donalds is not going to take it because he does not care what Biden wants!” Do you think this is good news for people to hear? Cuomo asked.

“Well, the first thing is my message about Joe Biden was never,” Donalds replied. “My message was about me and my own health.

““ This has nothing to do with what Joe Biden wants. “This has nothing to do with what Joe Biden wants,” Cuomo interrupted, quoting a congressman. “Funny. I never raised him when I was deciding whether or not to vaccinate. Why did you do that? “

“A reporter asked me on a news program and I told him that this has nothing to do with what he wants,” Donalds replied. “I chose not to be vaccinated because I chose not to be vaccinated. I already had COVID-19, I am 42 years old, I am very healthy … It was a personal decision for me, my family members- my wife, my three children, they Everyone had a cow. They were not vaccinated. They were all healthy, and that was the decision they all chose to make. “

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“If people in the United States are concerned about contract and hospitalization and death, of course, from COVID-19, please get vaccinated. I would never say don’t get vaccinated. I’m not making a decision to vaccinate. You or Joe Biden or anyone else mentally It doesn’t matter if they are under pressure or want to get it. I did it because I made that decision as a free person. “

Cuomo later tried to explain “freedom” to Donalds, saying his desire not to be vaccinated “did not make him a free man” and that freedom was not defined as “brave” but rather “doing the right thing”.

Donalds pushed back.

“You say that everyone should be vaccinated to protect everyone. I mean, if Americans want to be vaccinated, they should be vaccinated. I fully encourage them to do that,” Donalds said. “But at the same time, if there are Americans who do not want to get it, they should not be forced to do so.”

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Cuomo, who overcame COVID in the early months of the epidemic, insisted that Donalds’ argument was a “wrong choice” because “no one is forcing anyone”, accusing Donalds and other Republicans of “trying to push people to the point of forcing them”. . “

The CNN presenter also suggested that Donalds was ignoring the possibility that he and his family could “make others sick” by not getting vaccinated.

“Chris, didn’t you hear my answer 30 seconds ago? ‘If you want to be protected from these types and the original mutation, please get vaccinated?’ Donalds said to Cuomo. “But if there are no Americans like me, please do not persecute me!” This is a personal choice I made with my own health care. I have permission to do that, and I deserve to do that. “

Cuomo also questioned whether Donalds had spoken to his doctor about the unavailability of the vaccine, which Donalds said was approved by his doctor because the legislator already had Covit, and the CNN anchor was quickly dismissed.

“If others want to be protected, they get vaccines. Get vaccinated. I would never tell anyone not to get vaccinated. I fully support it if anyone chooses it. I don’t know why this is so difficult! It’s so easy,” Donald shouted.

“Listen, I totally agree with you, it’s so simple. I think you make it harder,” Cuomo retorted. “Because you see some kind of justice and choice to do something completely meaningless … you’re wrong about how vaccines work … it reduces – not completely … but it reduces your ability to communicate with viruses and others. That part is also important. . ”

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After the interview, Cuomo told his audience that Donalds “has the right not to be vaccinated, but is that right, especially for a leader?”

“I have no animosity about him … I want his members to benefit from good leadership. I’m going to test it out here on this show. That’s all,” Cuomo concluded.