July 14, 2024

In pajamas, Silvio Santos receives an unexpected visit to the United States

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Silvio Santos de pijama na rua; Mansão de Silvio Santos nos EUA
Silvio Santos de pijama na rua; Mansão de Silvio Santos nos EUA

Enjoyed a trip to the US with a home in Orlando, Florida. Silvio Santos This Saturday (15) an unexpected visitor came. The presenter and his family welcomed the Mickey and Minnie characters to their mansion and posted the post on social media. Patricia Appraisal He shared the moment with relatives like Silvio who were in his pajamas. Iris Approval, And other acquaintances, with actors within the dolls.

“Look who came to Grandpa and Grandma’s house for a super special breakfast! The mess was great and the eating was good! Thanks to all the fellows who happen to be here in Orlando!”, He wrote.

In other films, Silvio appears alone with the characters and with his grandchildren. In one photo, the presenter sits at a table filled with food and birthday candy. The Appraisal family celebrated the birthday of Fabio Faria’s daughter, Jane, with Fabio Faria, who turned four.

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Silvio Santos fences his mansion in the United States and warns against harassment in Portuguese

Enjoying a vacation in the United States, What Silvio Santos did a few years ago is no longer happening anonymously in the country. He recently erected a fence in front of the house, which is practically the only “security” on the street, and maintains a notice in Portuguese to avoid harassment.

“The entry of unauthorized persons into this space is explicitly prohibited,” says a sign in front of the house where the celebration is located in the state of Florida in the United States. In the country, there are usually no fences at the entrance of houses. Chestman had owned the property for many years That’s where he takes 90 days of annual leave, except for 2021, he hasn’t gone yet because of the epidemic.

Celebration is not a city because it has no government of its own. It’s a small place in the south owned by the Disney Group, located next to Orlando in the state of Florida and very close to Mickey Mouse Park.

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