June 25, 2024

John Rahm withdrew from the memorial after testing positive for COVID-19

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PGA Tour Report on John Rahm

On Monday evening, May 31, the PGA Tour announced that John Rahm was subject to contact-tracking protocols because he had been in close contact with the Govt positive person. Under TOUR’s COVID Health and Safety Program, Rahm was given the option to stay in the competition and enter our tracking protocol, which includes daily testing and restricted access to indoor facilities. Rahm has been asymptomatic.

Rahm has tested negative every day, but his most recent test – done after the end of his second round (rain was late) and before the start of his third round – was at about 4:20 pm when Rahm returned positive to the golf course. PGA Tour’s medical consultant demanded a confirmation test on the original sample, which came back at 6:05 pm, and it was positive.

Rahim, the PGA Tour’s medical adviser, was notified immediately upon completion of his round, and under Tour regulations, he will be disqualified. Rahm is now in solitary confinement, according to CDC guidelines, until Tuesday, June 15.

Although this is an incredibly unfortunate situation, there have been only four positive trials (including Rahm) within the 50 events since the return of PGA Tour Golf; Rahm’s first positive, asymptomatic case as part of the Tour’s regular, contact-tracking protocols.

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