June 13, 2024

Prince Harry will not cut off the Queen for fear of his mental health: Royal Expert

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Queen Elizabeth was not ready to give up her grandson Prince Harry.

Royal expert Angela Lavin Spoken on Twitter About the relationship between the Duke of Sussex and his family. He revealed that the royal family is very concerned about Prince Harry’s mood, which leads to the belief that he will never “knock on the door” in his face at any time.

“In my opinion, Harry’s family in London is very worried His mental health, ”In response to another user comment that it was“ too late ”to bring Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle back into the royal family.

Levine added, “[They] I think slapping the royal door on his face would have catastrophic consequences. ”

Levine’s insight into the royal family comes just days after Prince Harry revealed it To be called “absolutely” To the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. The event, which will take place over four days, will mark the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne.

To add to that, another royal family member revealed that Kate Middleton “Mediators” is playing Between her husband, Prince William and her brother Prince Harry.

“Kate is an excellent referee and pacifier,” the Duchess said Uncle, Gary Goldsmith, Said in an interview. “Every bone in her body makes friends and does what she can … she’s trying to mediate.”

However, it seems that Prince Harry is not diving for himself and his wife Megan Markles. Harassment with the royal family. Duke and his partner Oprah Winfrey plan to release Apple TV’s “The Me You Can See” streaming service soon. Follow a town hall Entitled “You Can’t See Me: The Path Ahead”.

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