June 23, 2024

Kill to Vigor in the United States! Economist on the first day in the country

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Kill to Vigor in the United States!  Economist on the first day in the country

Kill to Vigor Now it’s international! Last Saturday, August 28, he went to the United States, where he is studying for his PhD (or postgraduate, in Portuguese) economics. Since then, he has been documenting his activities on social media to update the public as he is now a person known and loved by many Brazilians.

Bernambuco Native began American history while at the airport. He drank a few drinks, joked that he was drunk, and then asked his supporters for comment on how he would relate to his “serious and serious” during the flight. Tried to create a “space” on Twitter, but had some problems with audio, laughter and sleep.

He then landed at Uncle Sam’s land, last Sunday, August 29th. This is a day of adaptation, however, something very fast. He had friends to take him to the airport in Davis, the city where he lived and studied, and they left for lunch, the first foreign land. On the networks he showed delight with a well-filled hamburger.

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Not long ago, Gill filmed the condominiums of homes where students at the University of California usually live.. Inspired, even the economist joked: “Guys, I’m going to live in a very rich place. Chic, look? This is a lovely friend, I took it. But I’m going to share a room then I’m not so strong. ”

He then moved to San Francisco, a few hours away from Davis. There, he stayed in a beautiful hotel and used the opportunity to relax and refresh his energy while walking around the city of California.

Travel time

On Monday, August 30, Gilberto gained his experience with celebrity Travel fatigue, Known as temporary sleep disturbance due to time difference. According to Influence, he woke up “at 6am” in California, which means he woke up at 2am in San Francisco.

After a few more hours in bed and thinking about life, Gill drank his coffee and set out on a tour of the city. Promising to feed the networks, he soon posted a photo on a beautiful panel in memory of the LGBTQIA + community. “Long live every form of love! Love wins!” He wrote.

Then there was hunger, didn’t there? So a restaurant dedicated to Peruvian food was the choice of him and his friends for lunch. Gill, on the other hand, had a mild habit of seasoning with pepper, but it was worth it because he was liked by some serious people in the company.

Of course there is still a lot of water rolling in when Gilberto Noguira, the happiest man in Brazil, is abroad!

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