September 24, 2023
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Tesla wants to sell electricity in the United States

Except for selling and developing electric cars A humanoid robot capable of performing human tasksTesla also wants to become an electricity supplier in the United States. It was taken a step closer when it filed an application with industry regulators in the state of Texas earlier this month.

As reported CNBC Assembler on Thursday (26) Elon Musk He approached the Texas Public Utilities Commission, asking for permission to sell electricity to residents and businesses. In the application, it is stated that the company will act as a “retail electricity supplier”, competing with more than 100 companies in this field.

The supply is the responsibility of Tesla Energy Ventures, a subsidiary created by the company that will use a large 100-megawatt battery to distribute the energy. In addition to this system, a 250 MW installation was installed near the city of Houston Gigafactory de Austin, And in Texas.

Today there are more than 100 energy providers in Texas.Today there are more than 100 energy providers in Texas.Source: Freebick

If the demand is approved, this is the first time a cybertruck manufacturer has acted as an energy distributor. The company has already developed power storage systems in the US and Australia, but has not commercialized the energy generated by the facility.

Energy crisis

Earlier this year, the Texas power grid suffered a major breakdown, leaving millions of people in the dark for several days. To make matters worse, the problem arose in the midst of a historic cold, which was said to be the cause of the crisis, which was later dismissed.

Since the local system is isolated from the power system in other parts of the country, it is not possible to use power transmission from other states to alleviate the difficulties caused by the power outage.

Due to the breakdowns during this period, the price per megawatt-hour rose to exorbitant values, which sparked Muskin’s criticism of suppliers for having facilities in the state of SpaceX.