March 1, 2024
Legal immigration allows access to American opportunities

Legal immigration allows access to American opportunities

According to data from the federal government’s U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. job market reached 11.2 million openings in July of this year, which means there are two vacancies for every unemployed person. Average hourly wages rose 0.3% in August, following a 0.5% increase in July. Apart from that, the country is suffering from layoffs of those who are employed. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data from August 2022, the percentage of people employed is one point below the February 2020 level — meaning people who left their jobs, positions or occupations did not return to them.

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This lack of professionals paves the way for Brazilians who want to settle and occupy open positions, although many still choose the illegal route. According to official US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data released last month, US authorities caught 6,129 attempts by Brazilians to enter the country illegally, the second consecutive increase and the highest level since 2022.

Brazil ranks 13th among countries with the most citizens caught at US borders in 2022. Choosing legal immigration avoids detention or immediate and permanent removal from the country. But for that, it is necessary to understand the necessary procedures or rely on special help.

Legal immigration pathway

First, a Brazilian who wishes to immigrate to the United States or any other country must first request a Brazilian passport from the Federal Police. After applying for the visa and getting it back, you need to choose the best type of visa that suits your profile, reality and objective in order to prepare a plan for the visa process.

“If you want to live,” says Matthias Mia Caldera Brand, CEO of Brand Immigration, an immigration consulting firm. [nos EUA]There are two categories of visas: non-immigrant visas, which are temporary visas, and immigrant visas, which are directly for obtaining a green card”.

In the first category, the most requested student visa (F-1/F-2) allows you to stay in the country for an extended period of time. In this case, to apply for an F-1 student visa, the visa applicant must be enrolled in an English language learning institution or college/university and obtain an official immigration document known as an I-20. through educational institution.

Must be submitted to the embassy on the day of the interview. This document provides all the information about the purpose of stay in the USA: which educational institution, address, type of study and its duration, start date of classes, estimated expenses during your stay and proven bank balance for the duration of study.

“If you have dependents in the process, such as a spouse or children (up to age 21), they can be added to the student visa subcategory with an F-2 designation,” the expert details.

The immigrant visa category is issued directly to the green card, a visa that allows you to become a permanent resident without any work restrictions. Green Card Application Categories: Direct Relatives, Employment-Based (EB1, EB2, EB3, EB4, EB5), Diversity Visa Lottery; and for refugees and asylum seekers.

However, Brand Immigration warns, “All these application categories are 15-20 times more expensive than the student visa process. You can go in as a student and change your status to an immigrant visa with some precautions and requirements.”

Because the legal immigration process is bureaucratic and subject to constant change, it may also be necessary to rely on the guidance of an organization. Visa and immigration counseling, for example, acts as an intermediary bridge in the bureaucratic process.

However, hiring a consulting firm should not be relied upon to ensure an approved visa, as the provision of services is limited to intermediary activity and there is no guarantee of visa approval by the US Embassy. This is a discretionary decision that rests exclusively with the authorities of the United States.

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