June 24, 2024

Low discounts and shortages reduce cyber Monday in the United States

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(Bloomberg) – Cyber ​​Monday sales in the United States were lower than the final data estimates and did not break last year’s record. Moderate discounts and inventory do not discourage customers from using credit cards at the start of the holiday shopping season.

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U.S. consumers spent $ 10.7 billion on cyber Monday, down from $ 10.8 billion a year earlier, and less than $ 11.3 billion, according to Adobe. But Adobe said it was the biggest shopping day of the year. Consumers spent $ 12 million a minute on the final sale that day.

Vivek Pandya, Chief Analyst at Adobe Digital Insights, says, “This reaffirms that many people buy what they want during the season.

High-demand products include LOL surprise toys, Lego sets and Star Wars toys. Discounts are lower compared to the previous year. Electronics, for example, had an average discount of 12% from 27% last year, according to Adobe, which tracks 1 trillion visits to retail sites and tracks sales of more than 100 million products.

Logistic barriers and delays cause problems for customers. Adobe reports that the incidence of “no stock” news has increased by 169% compared to January 2020 and 258% compared to November 2019.

The days of big deals like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are gradually losing importance as customers spend longer. Adobe reports that Black Friday purchases totaled $ 8.9 billion, down slightly from the previous year. However, between November 1 and November 28, online spending in the United States increased by 13.6% from the previous year to $ 99.1 billion. Total sums for November and December are expected to reach $ 207 billion, 10% higher than last year’s, according to Adobe.

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