September 28, 2023

Maduro accused Venezuela and the United States of “far-right” oil theft

Maduro spoke in the capital Caracas on International Workers’ Day.| Photo: EFE/ Miguel Gutierrez

Venezuelan dictator Nicol├ís Maduro has accused his country’s “extreme right” of conspiring with the United States in what he called the “CITCO theft,” referring to a subsidiary of state oil company PDVSA that operates in the U.S. country. The report was released on Monday (15).

“All services necessary for the functioning of the country (…) were cut with the Cidco kidnapping, and now this US government has tried to deal the final blow (…) to all Venezuelans. Who is to blame? “The. The far-right (…) This far-right thug is responsible for the fact that they are stealing Cidco from us,” Maduro said on his weekly television show.

On May 1, the U.S. Treasury Department, through Public License No. 42, decided not to take “enforceable steps” to prevent a bid or a negotiated settlement of CITCO.

The Venezuelan parliament from 2016-2021, which was formed with a large majority against the Maduro government and won the assembly in 2021 with a Chavista majority, a license to carry out “certain transactions” “in relation to any debt of Venezuela”. Government.

The decision allows for the “negotiation of compromise agreements” with people appointed by that legislature, which the United States considers the last democratically elected body in Venezuela.

Maduro promised that Venezuela is preparing with a bill to protect the Republic’s assets abroad, which the national parliament is working on, with the aim of taking a step to protect Venezuelan assets abroad.

He said Venezuela was losing “more than $900 million a month” because of the “distribution” of Citco.