June 23, 2024

The US has criticized Lula for his talk about Maduro and Venezuela

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The US has criticized Lula for his talk about Maduro and Venezuela

Representatives of the US government condemned the speech of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). In it he says Venezuela and its president Nicolás Maduro are victims of “narratives”..

Juan Gonzalez, Joe Biden’s Secretary of State for Latin America, He echoed the criticisms of Presidents Gabriel Boric of Chile and Luis Lacal Pov of Uruguay, who protested against Lula’s remarks at a meeting of South American leaders in Brazil last Tuesday (30)..

“We cannot see these themes as relative or worthy of narratives, they are absolute. We are going to have a debate about policy and sanctions, about how to deliver the dialogue, but we have to recognize things as they are,” the American said.

US Deputy Secretary of State Brian Nichols said he respected Lula, despite international organizations already pointing to human rights abuses in Venezuela and insisting it was not a “story”. “I respect President Lula a lot, but I believe there is already a lot of information to understand the reality in Venezuela”.

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