June 5, 2023

Messi could be like Pele, says American legend; Understand

* By Renan Liskoy

The end of another season in Europe has always been a cause for speculation about the future of Lionel Messi. Recently, he has been directly linked with a move to Argentina MLS, where he has shown a willingness to play in the past. Despite a recent statement from a league official that the championship does not require athletes who want to retire there, there are those who really want the Argentine national team’s No. 10 to arrive.

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Amid the controversy, Byron Castillo was called up by the Ecuador national team

One of the most exciting about Messi playing in the MLS is Tim Howard. The historic United States goalkeeper declared himself a fan of Argentina, and as Inter Miami appears to be interested, compared himself to Pele when talking about the idea of ​​having an ace in the local league.

“If he goes to Miami, the uproar will be the same as it was for Pele. Honestly, it would be crazy if that happened, ”he said.

Howard said he hoped Messi would make the MLS, just as other stars have traveled to the United States. Finally, he praised Argentina’s genre and talked about Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I mean, we’ve seen a lot of big international names coming to the United States. He (Lionel Messi)’s coming. Honestly, I’m telling you this, it’s not like we’ve seen. This guy, I swear to you, he’s a god. I played against him. He’s the best – he and I have Cristiano Ronaldo the best players of all time. They have the ball on a rope and you can not take it from them. “

Despite growing rumors about Messi’s future, Argentina will extend his contract with PSG until 2023, after which he will define his next steps.