September 24, 2023

Nintendo Switch fans adjust the Jaycon slide with the cardboard box

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Photo: Nintendo

Earlier this week, a video YouTube VK’s channel Finally said to be The Fix for malicious Joy-Con slip affecting countless Nintendo Switch fans. This is a recent one Widespread number of home remedies Attempted by pessimistic people who do not want to see $ 70-80. That video has gone viral because the method described seems to actually work for some.

Joy-con drift, For those lucky enough to have never experienced it, is a known drawback of analog joysticks of switch controllers. Over time, the controllers begin to act as if you were moving the stick in a certain direction when you did not touch anything. Even the switch light did not object to this. It sucks!

It Especially Sucks even because of the now announced The switch does not jack the OLED model jack What could be the first issue with the console. The Japanese company offers Quick repair and replacement solutions At no extra cost, but tying up your controllers and waiting for them to come back is not just a hassle (or your entire console, if you have a switch light), it really does not solve the source problem in production. Sometimes, even Nintendo can’t fix it, and the company sends you a full Joy-Con Different color than you submitted. Many end up Learning how to live with it, Although luck will hold it Stick slides now appear on next-generation consoles as well.

Okay, but what was this killer effective method past Nintendo’s incompetence? Turns out, this is a small cardboard card. You can watch VK’s channel to describe how he achieved it, however it only takes 10 minutes to explain. If you have less time, go to 6:35. If you do not have any cardboard box, keep in mind that everyone uses many sheets of paper, pieces of business card and tape suitable for electronics. Basically, anything thin that can be cut to fit the area shown during the video is a fair game.

The simplicity of it all is a little deceptive. In many Fibers And Feedback sections Reviewed கோட்டாகு, Many said it would not work for them because there were those who swore. There seems to be a high probability that the joy-cone slip is caused by a variety of factors, i.e. there is no capture-all solution. Your slip may be due to dirt or hardware decay. Maybe it’s something completely different.

While it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of your particular slip, there is an easy way to tell if the YouTube trick works for you. Handlebar switch holder நதி_குறிப்பு Said கோட்டாக்கு Before attempting to debug the card, they “checked that the pressure on the envelope neutralized the slip, as shown in the video.” If your sliding does not stop when you press the empty parts on your controller, it will not help you.

A person presses the red Nintendo Switch Jaycon to test the slide.

You should press down to test if this method works for you.
Screenshot: VK’s Channel

There is also a basic barrier to opening the controllers first. கோட்டாக்கு Employee Ethan Cache wanted to try the fix, but found that he did not have the right screwdriver. In addition, there is the possibility Your warranty is void hereIf you do not know what you are doing, it can make your Joy-Khan even more confused.

Again, what is there to lose, beyond what its regulators have already distorted? ASaid Lon Goodsmith, the switch owner who tried the card system கோட்டாக்கு By email that he has already tried some things since his Joy-Con stopped working in 2019. These include cleaning the innards with alcohol and using compressed air through controllers, both of which have helped some people deal with this problem in the past. The only reason he didn’t try too many things was because he bought alternatives rather than constantly trying and judging what seemed like ruined devices. A lot of people can do this, but since this is a widespread issue, this approach will soon become expensive.

“I already own one Electronic repair kit from iFixit It contains the triangular bit needed to open the shell, ”he wrote, before fully describing his procedure. This is useful for those who are interested in trying:

After removing the screws, carefully open both parts of the shell because the ribbons are attached to the main PCB and the rail, so they can talk while attaching your joy-con switch, but can also charge on the rail. Once you get inside, carefully lift the battery … from there you can see that there are some Philips screws holding the battery cell holder down.

When removed it exposes the back of the joystick. From there I used two thin pieces of cardboard to hit the recommended thickness 1mm and changed the steps to seal it.

Triangular screws must be handled with care because there is a risk of removing them. This is not a bad idea See the guide on how to properly unlock your controllers. But since implementing the card debug, he says, he has been using the controller in this place for more than a day and it is working properly now.

“I spent an hour trying to force the slide by clicking on the stick and pushing it in the opposite direction,” he said. “Nothing.”

Still, there is uncertainty in playing here. Yes, there are documented cases where people have tried it, and there is evidence that everyone says it is legitimate. What we don’t know is how it works in the long run, because most people who make this change only keep it for a few days. While the card is working now, there are some concerns that it will exacerbate the problem in the long run. If problems arise that are damaged or taxed in any way, the card can expedite that deterioration. It is worth looking into whether it is below useful months or years.

But even if this is a temporary relief, squeezing a little more game time from your broken controller would not be such a bad deal. At least it seems to be the approach on social media, where many people share their experiences after watching the video with card Joy-con edits. But hey, everyone was better than that time Lick their switch cartridges, Right?