June 18, 2024

Xiaomi surpassed Apple as the first smartphone vendor

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Xiaomi is now the second largest smartphone seller in the second quarter of 2021 based on global exports. New report From the canal. The research firm said the Chinese company captured 17 percent of the global market share, behind Samsung’s 19 percent, but ahead of Apple’s 14 percent.

PPK’s Oppo and Vivo topped the list of top five sellers by 10 percent. All five companies increased their exports each year, but the remarkable thing is how much Xiaomi managed to handle its size – it sent 83 percent more phones than Q2 by 2020, while Samsung’s exports increased by 15 percent and Apple by only one percent.

“Xiaomi is growing its overseas business rapidly,” says Ben Stanton, research manager at Canalis, citing rising sales in regions including the West, Africa and Latin America. “It is still largely directed towards the mass market, and compared to Samsung and Apple, its average selling price is 40% and 75% cheaper, respectively. So a major priority for Xiaomi this year is to boost sales of its high-end devices such as the Mi11 Ultra.”

Canalis says global smartphone exports increased by 12 percent in the last quarter. Much of the growth seen by smartphone makers is at the expense of Hawaii, however In 2019, it overtook Apple But was later excluded from the global market due to US sanctions and trade sanctions. So far, Siomi seems to be the biggest beneficiary.

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