July 13, 2024

Samsung has said it has not decided whether to halt production of the Galaxy S21 FE

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Samsung has underestimated a report that the company has stopped production of an upcoming phone called the Galaxy S21FE. Korean publication ETNews It was alleged over the weekend that production of the unannounced phone had been halted due to a shortage of semiconductors and that Qualcomm processors had been reassigned to foldable devices.

The report has since been removed, and Samsung says it has not yet made a decision on whether to halt production. In the statement sent by SMS To Bloomberg, The company says “although we cannot discuss unpublished product details, nothing has been determined that production has been suspended.”

The Galaxy S21 FE – FE stands for Fan Edition – was expected to be the cut, cheaper version of the regular S21. Last year The titular phone gave a positive review to the Galaxy S20 FE, In which “there are some high quality components that do not affect the experience of cheap parts much.”

The S21 FE has not been formally announced, but Samsung said at an event last year that it plans to release fan versions of the flagship flagship phones going forward. OnLeaks released the renders of the S21 FE in April, showing a similar design to the well-received Galaxy S21.

It is noteworthy that Samsung did not deny ETNews‘Report openly, it may take a while for the truth to come out. The S20 FE was not announced until September last year and got a release in October, so even if Samsung encounters supply chain issues with its successor, a release is inevitable.

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