March 4, 2024

The judiciary, Carland says, is to ‘strengthen’ the rules regarding the search of Congress records

Over the past few weeks, telephone records have been confiscated from journalists, as well as members of Congress, along with The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN during the previous administration.

But in Carland’s statement, he stressed that “there are important questions that need to be addressed” when the Department of Justice receives records from members of Congress and their staff.

I was a journalist and the Trump administration tried to secretly receive tens of thousands of my emails
Inspector General of the Judiciary It announced on Friday that it had “subordinate powers of the department to obtain communication records of members of Congress and affiliates and other legal officers and the media in connection with recent investigations into the recent publication of unauthorized information by government officials”.
Representatives of the affected news organizations He is scheduled to meet with DOJ officials on Monday afternoon.

Read the full report of the Attorney General:

“As I said during my confirmation hearing, political or other improper considerations should not play a role in any trial or trial. These policies, which have long been sacred by DOJ professionals, will be actively guarded by my supervision and any failure will have a serious responsibility to live up to their compliance.” And there are important questions to be resolved in connection with the Department’s attempt to obtain records relating to the staff of Congress.I have ordered the Inspector General to refer to this matter accordingly and he is fully confident that he will conduct a full and independent investigation.If the investigation continues at any time, action on the matter in question may be expedited if necessary Do not hesitate.

Democrats seek testimony from Trump's attorney general as media executives seek answers

“In addition, while that review is pending, I advise the Deputy Attorney General, who is already tasked with uncovering complex matters worthy of high-level review, to evaluate and strengthen the current policies and procedures of the Department for obtaining records of the Legislative Branch. We need to make sure the weight is delivered. “

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