March 24, 2023

Seattle police officers fired on January 6 in U.S. Capitol

Two duty In Seattle Police The interim head of the police department said Friday that officers who allegedly trespassed into restricted areas and stood near the U.S. Capitol have been fired as rioters entered the building on Jan. 6.

Chairman Adrian Dias said there was “clear evidence” that officials, identified as the married couple Alexander Everett and Caitlin Everett, had gathered near the Capitol building and gathered at a joint meeting to certify the election college victory for the president. பிடன்.

He told of their presence Riot “It was a stain on our field, on the men and women who work every day to protect our community, serve those in need, do it with compassion and dignity.”

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On this January 6, 2021 file file, violent protesters, loyal to President Donald Trump, attacked the Capitol in Washington. Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz fired two Seattle police officers on Friday, August 6, 2021, for violating the law while attending events in Washington DC during the January 6 uprising. Dias said he immediately fired two married officers, Caitlin and Alexander Everett. (AB Photo / John Minzilo, file)

According to each disciplinary report, the officers committed three violations, including the requirement that officers comply with laws, city policy and departmental policy.

“I made my decision based on those values. Two officers were directly outside the Capitol building, overcoming external barriers established by the Capitol Police,” Dias said in a statement released by Seattle Police News. “Clear evidence puts them directly near the Capitol building. It is absurd to say that in the midst of an already violent, criminal riot, they are unaware of their presence in an area where they should not be.”

In the disciplinary statements, Diaz wrote that the officers stood “in the midst of the uprising effort” and underestimated their actions that day.

“The main function of a law enforcement officer is to uphold the law and maintain peace, and your actions are far less than that,” both statements said.

The layoffs are in line with a July recommendation issued by the Police Accountability Office, a public body that serves as the Seattle Police Department’s review team.

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“In giving the police the power and responsibility to do their job, the community takes into account the expectation that law enforcers will always earn and follow that trust.” Diaz said Friday. “This is what the police should expect, and this is what I demand as chief. This is what police officers in Seattle expect from their colleagues. The actions of these two officers in DC that day were first brought to our attention by fellow officers.”

Mike Solan, president of the Seattle Police Officers Association, told Fox News that the lawsuit against the officers was “politically motivated.”

“I believe the case file has clear holes in it,” Solan said, adding that authorities left the area near the riot without seeing any crime. “After 2pm, I believe a lot of crime is happening inside the Capitol. Nothing really happened in the criminal or law enforcement officers’ assault.”

According to the OPA report, officials said he was staying on the grass 30 to 50 yards from the Capitol building and showed no signs of obstruction. As of Friday, police had not received any inquiries from union officials.

Two of the six Seattle police officers who attended then-President Donald Trump’s “Stop Stealing” rally were at the forefront of the chaos.

Their trip became public after Caitlin Everett posted a photo of herself and Alexander Everett on Facebook during the demonstration. The other four officers later admitted they were there but said they were not involved in the riot.

Dias said Everest’s presence was unacceptable: “More than a hundred officers were seriously injured — some of which ended their careers — by open attack.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.