July 14, 2024

The razor will allow its RGB mask to register for beta testing

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Razor Announced today A new name and beta program has been set for its Light-Like-A-Gaming-PC N95 mask. Planned fourth quarter start. Future-looking Project Hazel Named Razor Sephir, and you can sign up as a beta tester Now on the razor’s site.

Razor did not provide additional information on the timing of the release of Zephyr or when beta testers might expect their masks. basically Video shared by Razor with its announcement, Beta testers can get a different mask design from what has been shared so far.

The Zephyr looks slightly wider and rounder than the razor’s original project Hazel, and has a grille at the base of the mask, which is more visible than in previous images and photos. It may be for extra ventilation or to aid in voice amplification, but it certainly is not included in the razor’s previous comments for the mask.

On the edge Razer has been approached for more information about the beta program and possible design changes that can be sent with the Zephyr beta.

Zephyr in real human face. Notice the grill below.
Photo: Razor

Original project Hazel design.
Image: Razor

We should have a good idea about the design once the masks actually become the hands of beta testers, but the announcement of the project first makes Jeffrey very real. Considering the project went from a fun CES concept to the real thing Razor was active in making, Every step pushes this mask further away from the steam. Whether it is really affordable, interesting or practical to wear is a completely separate issue.

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