March 4, 2024

The baby was found alive 41 years after the parents were killed in the United States

The demise of the 1980s was resolved after it was discovered by genetics

National Center for Missing and Exploited ChildrenBaby HollyBaby Holly is now 42, lives in Oklahoma and has five children.

Case ‘Baby Holly‘He was shocked United States In the 1980s. Couple Harold Dean Close Jr.. And Tina Gayle Lynn Klaus went missing in 1980 while moving from Florida Texas A few months later Houston lay dead in the woods. According to authorities, Harold was beaten, tied up and strangled, and Tina strangled. The couple had a daughter, authorities call ‘Baby Holly’, who has been wanted since she went missing. This year, 42-year-old Holly Marie Klose was found alive by a team of cold-blooded investigators using genealogy to positively identify her parents. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton made the announcement Thursday. “Holly has been notified of the birth parents’ identities and has been in contact with her birth family,” he told reporters in Paxton. Holly’s foster parents said he was dropped off at the church door by two women. He now lives in Oklahoma and has five children.