September 26, 2023
The dollar is closing at $ 5.24, driven by the US

The dollar is closing at $ 5.24, driven by the US

The stock market had a small increase, but closed the week with a decline of 1.32%

Again, the volatility was due to negotiations – Photo: Archaeo / Agoncia Brazil)

Brasilia- On the day of the relief in the foreign market, the dollar saw a slight fall. The stock market rose after three consecutive falls, but ended the week with a decline of 1.32%.

The dollar closed at $ 5.245, down 0.011 (-0.21%). Again, volatility marked negotiations. In the morning, prices soared, reaching a high of R $ 5.27 at 11:30 am. In the afternoon, the currency began to fall on the impact of the release of economic data in the United States.

The currency closed the week at 0.17%, reversing the sharp fall seen on Tuesday (10). The dollar will rise 0.6% in August and 1.08% in 2021.

In the stock market, the day was marked by a slight recovery. The B3 Ibovespa index rose 0.41% to close at 121,194 points. Throughout the session the indicator shifted ups and downs, until the rise is confirmed at the end of trading. However, it closed this week, up nearly 1% from the week before.

Political tensions

International news is offset by domestic political tensions and financial uncertainty. This week, the market responded to the proposed amendment to the Constitution and the potential impacts on public accounts created by the creation of a social program to transform the Bolsa Familia.

The announcement that the confidence index in the United States fell to its lowest level in August in a decade helped the external market. The dollar fell sharply in three months against major international currencies, and the US Dow Jones and S&P 500 stock markets broke a fourth consecutive record.

The decline in consumer confidence indicates that the economic recovery in the United States is progressing at a random pace and is not spreading to all sectors. It expects the Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve, US Federal Reserve) to withdraw the stimulus issued during the Govt-19 epidemic — the lowest interest rates in history and the purchase of bonds.

Source: Agency Brazil with information from Reuters * Agency