June 13, 2024

How To Save Money By Buying A MacBook Air In The US – MacMacine

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Caixa do MacBook Air

Your Mac is tired, you want to make it new, but when you look at the prices of products in Apple Brazil, is it catastrophic? Do you want to buy an item that is only sold in the US and do not know how to do it? Well, we have a valuable note for you, many readers MacMacine Already enjoyed.

I’m talking about both Nomad (US Digital Bank Account, Completely Free) and Zip 4 m (Shopping steering). By joining the services of these two companies, you can buy goods in the United States and get everything from the comfort of your own home. And the best part: saves a lot of transitions and lines!

When you open a digital account in Noto (you can do this with a simple RG or CNH), you get a MasterCard digital debit card, which is also compatible with Apple Pay. All you have to do is send money to your account and use the cards to buy American stores such as the Apple Store online.

Earn $ 15 from Money withdrawal!

Using Coupon MACMAGAZINE15 When you open your account, you can earn US $ 15 d Money withdrawal! That’s it Download the app through this special link, Buy at least US $ 20 using the Nodot Card or make your first investment on the Nodot site within 15 days of opening. Cow

Paying Less When Buying a MacBook Air in the US

Let’s use MacBook Air (Spot price) is the basis of this comparison. In Brazil, the entry machine costs $ 11,699.10. It costs $ 999 in the US (excluding US tax; more soon).

And how much is this US $ 999? I did the calculations using Nupang, one of the most popular cards in Brazil. Quote, from the moment I wrote this post:

  • MacBook Air Na App Store Online (Nubank): R $ 5.786.07
  • MacBook Air Online App Store (Nomad): R $ 5.424.55
  • Storage: R $ 361.52, Where 6.2%

This, of course, is not taken into account Money withdrawal US $ 15 You earn by following the tips above and more Spread Zero provided by Nomad on its first export. By putting these benefits on the table, you save more R $ 184.18 In this situation, there is total savings R $ 545.70 (Where 9.4%)! Cow

How to get MacBook Air in Brazil?

If you have a friend who lives in the United States, a family member who has booked a trip, or a similar situation, you can buy it and deliver it to that person’s home / hotel. Otherwise, the Zip 4 m – Like a nomad – can help you a lot to save!

When purchasing the product, be sure to deliver everything to the US address provided by Zip 4m. Since it is in Oregon, you do not have to pay US tax (which ranges from 6% to 9.5% depending on the state). I mean, more savings for you!

Then, send the zip 4m box to your home in Brazil and pay the shipping and import taxes. Trust me: even if you do this (everything is in order), the price is still much cheaper than buying in Brazil! You can make a simulation yourself, but we have already shown cases like this here O Imag T24 e IPad Pro M1.

Obviously, we use the MacBook Air as an example, but this applies to any product you like, and above all you can buy anything using your nomadic account and deliver it to Brazil via Zip 4m.

Good shopping! Cow

Transfer Note: o MacMacine You will receive a small commission for each sale made through the links in this post, but you, as a consumer, do not pay anything more for the goods you purchase through our link links.

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