June 25, 2024

The US operation of the MRV should be larger than the operation of Brazil – it will not take long

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The US operation of the MRV should be larger than the operation of Brazil - it will not take long

SÃO PAULO – Purchasing AHS by MRV (MRVE3In 2020, for about $ 220 million, it will be “very cheap” in the eyes of the group’s CEO Rafael Menin. According to him, the operations of the subsidiary in the three US states are promising and growing – and should exceed the volume of Brazilian business in the coming years.

“This is an activity that we are very confident about. We want to reach 6,000 units a year in the first cycle [de crescimento]. By 2025, we expect the company to reach 10,000 units a year, with an average value of US $ 250,000. It could be a US $ 2 billion company, US $ 2.5 billion a year, ”the executive said. Information Money.

Two results inside, In which Information Money Interviewing CEOs and directors of major public enterprises in Brazil or abroad. They talk about the balance sheet and prospects for the second quarter of 2021. Follow all interviews of the series, Subscribe to the InfoMoney YouTube Channel.

Although AHS’s business has not yet begun, executives are still focusing on Brazil and focusing on some key issues, such as tax reform. “The restructuring had some unique features in our segment, one of which is taxing dividends in real estate funds, which is now behind us. There was also a discussion about taxation within the framework of holding (…). There is an alternative for listed companies, which is repurchasing shares, but I do not see it as a stable one, ”said Ricardo Pixo, CFO of the group.

In addition to the current price of MRV’s shares in the current stock market, executives also spoke about the impact of the selfie increase on Lugo’s operations in Brazil on business and dividends. “AHS, as I said, could be a much bigger operation than Brazilian. The value of the company is $ 20 billion, R $ 30 billion, R $ 40 billion, the amount I see for companies with such profits. We are currently worth less than $ 7 billion. The same amount as the MRV This is completely unjustifiable, ”said Menin.

“For some reason investors are looking at short-term photography and not looking at it for a long time. I have no doubt that the best performers in this segment are those who do good work like us, with national operations, various financial resources, massive investment in technology, the most technologically advanced company in the industry. No we have to be more valuable than we are today, ”said the CEO. See full live above, or Click here.

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