September 30, 2023

The Russian bloc unexpectedly attacked the ISS

Nooka block moments before meeting with ISS.

Nooka block moments before meeting with ISS.
Picture: NASA / Roscosmos

When the newly arrived Nauka block, for unknown reasons, began to shoot its motives after being chopped to the ISS, intense drama unfolded in low Earth orbit today. Mission controllers are now working to control what appears to be the current situation.

Nothing seems to have been damaged, and NASA says the crew is safe, but three hours after Russia’s Noka block arrived at the International Space Station at 9:29 this morning, things are very different.

Then Rendezvous and docking, ISS team members went to work, checked for leaks at the interface point, opened the hatch, integrated the computers in the newly arrived Nauka module, also known as the Russian Multipurpose Laboratory.

Suddenly and without warning, at 12:45 pm, EDT and Noka’s impulses began to fire unexpectedly and carelessly. According to a livestream, ISS lost control of the 45 degree approach NASA TV. It is not yet known what caused the situation to occur. Chances are, Nuka’s computers thought it was still docking, and as a result the impulses were removed, but it was not confirmed.

The flight controllers re-oriented the space station by performing a counter-balancing “roll control” procedure. Russian Svesta block and currently an ISS. The rescue operation paid off and the ISS returned to its normal orientation. The station is now in full control of the situation and no damage or injuries have been reported to team members. NASA said team members were never in any danger during the incident.

At one point, Drew Morgan from NASA mission control asked the astronauts to look outside to see if they could spot any debris floating around, or if they could see any damage to the station. NASA says the ISS is currently in a stable configuration, and recovery operations are ongoing. This work, it should be pointed out, is being done with a partially fueled Nauka docked to the station, so the thrusters could still go into action.

Rumors are already swirling that tomorrow’s launch of an uncrewed Boeing Starliner will be Canceled As a result of this incident.

The day’s routine operations at ISS have been canceled as surface crews and mission controllers are constantly monitoring the situation. Again, it is not clear why Noka’s motives began to fire, and an investigation is now pending. This is an emerging event, and we will update this article as we learn more.

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