May 31, 2023
The U.S. Air Force has taken the first step towards entering Metawares

The U.S. Air Force has taken the first step towards entering Metawares

The United States Air Force has filed a trademark application for a metawares initiative called SpaceWare. According to the United States Office of Patent and Trademark (USPTO), the request was filed on April 14 and focuses on integrating the military’s physical and digital technologies.

In its appearance, SpaceVerse will be a virtual reality training, testing and operational environment for the US security agency. It is a way to modernize war and war tactics used in different hypothetical situations. With metawares, weapons training and testing can be simulated without actually doing it.

US Air Force to enter metawares soon (Image: Courtesy Omar / Unsplash)

Given the growing geopolitical tensions, such as the invasion of Ukraine and Russia’s growing tensions with its neighbors, it is not surprising that the U.S. Air Force wants to train its military better. SpaceVerse can provide a controlled or completely hostile environment in which people can experience real situations without exposing themselves to the risk of physical warfare.

More realistic simulation

For example, the training of fighter pilots has already been done with the support of simulators, but progress requires real penetration. Entering the virtual world, the US government will truly recreate the simulation challenges as it spends millions of dollars on fuel, parts depreciation and maintenance.

It is still too early to know which blockchain environment the U.S. Air Force will operate or how that system will actually operate. It is possible for the military to create its own closed system to prevent its secrets from falling into the hands of the enemy.

All of this needs some more time and a lot of government funding needs to be absorbed. However, name registration is the first step in showing how the use of Web 3.0 technologies can have a real impact on everyday and strategic situations. More and more government agencies, institutions and organizations have the opportunity to turn their attention to these innovative technologies.

Source: USPTO

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