June 14, 2024

The US future is falling again, China data is disappointing, more market issues today

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The US future is falling again, China data is disappointing, more market issues today

New York Index Futures retreats Monday (16) after a week of losses. A good week for retailers, despite failing to erase the losses of previous trading sessions, ended higher on Friday for key indices after China released disappointing economic figures as Asian markets ended with turmoil on Monday (16). Effect of Govt controls.

The U.S. retail earnings season begins this week as several major retailers, including Walmart, Target and Home Depot, prepare to release first-quarter results. Elsewhere, Deer is on deck with a handful of tech companies.

Investors will be looking at retail data this week, which may give insights into how retailers are managing inflation, which is a 40-year high.

Moreover, the market is looking for geopolitical developments in Europe in the coming days, especially after Finland announced on Sunday that it would apply to join the NATO military alliance. This would be a historic step for a Nordic country that has had a policy of military neutrality for decades.

Following Russia’s unprecedented invasion of Ukraine in February, President Saul Ninisto said on Sunday that joining a military alliance would “maximize” Finland’s security. Russia warned last week that “retaliatory measures” would be taken if Finland joins NATO, but Moscow did not specify what they would be.

In Brazil, in addition to China’s impact on commodities, attention should be paid to Jair Bolsanaro’s new reports on Petropras.

The corporate revenue season has reached its final stage. Most companies that have not yet released the results will provide the numbers this Monday. There are more than 20 companies, especially the magazine Luiza (MGLU3), Eletrobras (ELET3) and Itaúsa (ITSA4).

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1. Global Scholarship

To us

Corporate results from retailers are a big week ahead, with U.S. futures indices running lower on Monday (16).

Investors will be looking at retail data this week, which could give insights into how retailers are handling inflation, which is a 40-year high.

See the performance of futures markets:

  • Dow Jones Futures (US), + 0.07%
  • S&P 500 Futures (US), -0.10%
  • Nasdaq Futures (USA), -0.25%


After China’s economic data fell short of expectations for April, Asian markets closed with no clear direction, and some parts of the country were hampered by tight government controls.

According to a Reuters poll, retail sales in April fell 11.1% year-on-year, down 6.1% from what analysts had expected. Industrial production is down 2.9% compared to the same period in 2021. Expectation to rise 0.4%.

Unemployment in China’s 31 major cities rose to 6.7% in April, at least until 2018.

The Central Bank of China has maintained interest rates despite a severe recession.

Regarding the restrictions caused by Govt-19, Shanghai officials said on Sunday that some businesses would resume operations in stores, Reuters reported.

  • Shanghai SE (China), -0.34%
  • Nikkei (Japan), + 0.45%
  • Hong Kong Index (Hong Kong), + 0.26%
  • Cosby (South Korea), -0.29%


European markets were mixed after a turbulent week for global markets, however, European stocks advanced on Friday in an attempt to regain some ground as investors weighed on the outlook for inflation and interest rates.

  • FTSE 100 (UK), + 0.18%
  • DAX (Germany), -0.01%
  • CAC 40 (France), + 0.04%
  • FTSE MIB (Italy), + 0.33%


Oil prices fell on Monday. However, supply fears persist as the EU prepares for a phased ban on imports from Russia.

  • WTI oil, -0.62% $ 109.80 a barrel
  • Brent crude oil, -0.87% a barrel $ 1110.58
  • Iron ore traded up 3.86% at 834.50 yuan, equivalent to US $ 122.83 on the Dalian Exchange.


  • Bitcoin, + 0.28% to $ 29,686.72 (up from 24 hours ago)

2. Table

With a weak agenda regarding economic releases for Brazil this week, IBC-Br is the most relevant indicator to be released. However, due to the strike by PCB employees, the data will not be known this week unless certain agreements between the employees and the federal government are agreed in advance.

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8:00 a.m .: Weekly IPC-S

9:30 am: Monthly Integrated Public Sector Primary Results

3 p.m .: Weekly trading balance

United States

9:30 a.m .: Empire State Manufacturing Code

10:45 am: Speech by Central Bank Director John Williams

3. Bolzano says Petropras must fulfill its social mission

Fuel He said he hoped that by bringing about a change in the responsibility of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the state-owned company that dominates the country’s oil market would be able to fulfill its social mission.

Mendonசாa suspended the calculation of states for diesel

Federal Supreme Court (STF) Minister Andre Mendonசாa responded to a request from the Attorney General’s Office (AGU) and on Friday, 13 suspended the manner in which states used the single rate of tax on the rotation of goods and the services levied on diesel oil (ICMS).

Paulo Tandas has been appointed the new governor of the province of Alagoas

The new governor of the province of Alagoas has been inaugurated. Paolo Tandas was elected by-election to the Alagoas Legislative Assembly on Sunday (15). Dantas’ term ends on December 31. Jose Vanderley was elected Deputy Governor. Tandos is a state assistant and Vanderley is a physician. Both belong to the MDB, the party of Renan Filho, who last held office.

4. Govt

Last Sunday (15), 47 deaths and 6,330 Covit-19 cases were reported in 24 hours in Brazil, according to the Federation of Press Vehicles at 8 p.m.

In Brazil, the moving average of coveted deaths in 7 days was 111, down 12% from 14 days earlier.

The moving average of new cases in seven days was 17,720, which represents a 20% increase over the level of 14 days ago.

The number of people fully vaccinated against goitre in Brazil has reached 165,135,241, equivalent to 76.87% of the population.

The number of people who received the minimum first-dose vaccine reached 177,708,742, or 82.72% of the population.

The booster dose was given to 89,426,499 people or 41.63% of the population.

5. Corporate Radar

M. Dias Franco (MDI3)

M. Dias Franco (MDIA3) Announced a 152% increase in net income for the first quarter of 2022 Compared to the same period in 2021.

The indicator went from R $ 15 million (1Q21) to R $ 37.8 million (1Q22).

Kozan (CSAN3)

Cosan (CSAN3) had adjusted net income of R $ 236.1 million at 1Q22, compared to R $ 764.6 million in the same period last year. This represents a 69.1% withdrawal.

Root (Route 4)

Raisen (RAIZ4) recorded a net income of R $ 3 billion in the first quarter (1Q22). This is three times more than the $ 870 million recorded in the same period last year.

Semic (CMIG4)

Semic (CMIG4) reported a net income of R $ 1.455 billion at 1Q22. This result is 244.6% higher than the profit of R $ 422.5 million in 1Q21.

(With Estado, Reuters and Agncia Brasil)

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