June 24, 2024

The US visa interview waiting period reaches 354 days

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The US visa interview waiting period reaches 354 days

Delays are high in Sவோo Paulo; Recife has a very short duration of 204 days

The waiting time for an interview to be granted a tourist visa to the United States at the US Embassy in Sao Paulo is approximately 354 days. Updated rating US State Department on Thursday (May 5, 2022).

The waiting period for the interview does not include the time required for the administrative process for issuing the visa or the return of the passport to the applicant.

Read the estimated deadline at all US embassies in Brazil and embassies in Brasilia:

Then More than 1 year without visa For tourists, the U.S. Embassy and Consulate General returned to service in November 2021 due to Govt-19. However, the increase in the number of requests and the accumulation of requests have led to delays in obtaining the document than in the pre-epidemic period.

As a result of increasing demand, the time required to apply for a visa and print an already approved visa is longer than usual. If your application is approved, it may take several weeks after your interview or after submitting the documents for the visa. If you have a short trip to another country that requires your passport, please consider this information.The US State Department said in a statement.

This can be done through information on visa applications and interview appointments for the United States US State Department website.

With information from Agência Brasil.

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