June 18, 2024

The US will host the WTA Finals in 2022

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The US will host the WTA Finals in 2022

Fort Worth (USA) will host the WTA Finals in 2022, the WTA announced last Tuesday (6).

This is the first time in 17 years that the US has hosted the WTA Finals. The last time was in 2005, in the city of Los Angeles (USA).

However, the tournament may return to Shenzhen (CHN) in 2019, having hosted it in 2023.

The tournament will bring together the best eight of the season. Polish player Ika Swidek leads the race with 7560 points.

Brazil’s Pia Hadad Mia is 15th with 1788 points. Spain’s Paula Padosa is in 8th and last place with 2195 points.

The finals will be held from October 31 to November 7.

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