June 24, 2024

Toby Gillis actor Twain Higgins has died at the age of 87

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Twain Hickman, Actor and TV producer known for his role Toby Gillis, At the age of 87, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease this Sunday, the 9th, at his home in Los Angeles, surrounded by his family, according to family representative P.J. Said in a statement issued by Harlon Pol.

After some minor roles in movies and television during his youth, Dwayne Hickman gave up acting in the 1950s to focus on his studies. While at university, he received a call from a former agent who offered him a role Pop Cummings Show, Chuck McDonald’s character, between 1955 and 1959.

In 1959, he made his debut Many loves of Toby Gillis, Which lasted until 1963. In 1988, the ‘Reunion’ style film was released. Bring me the leader of Toby Gillis.

“It’s great to see how much Toby Gillis has given meaning to so many children. [nome dado à geração nascida entre 1945 e 1964 nos Estados Unidos]”We’ll always be good when we meet,” the actor said in 2003. When former President Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas, he met the actor and said: “My God, this is Toby Gillis! I grew up with you! “

He published an autobiography in 1995 with his wife, John Roberts Higman. Always Toby [“Para Sempre Dobie“, em tradução livre].

Twain Hickman has starred in other well-known films in the United States over the past decades Cat Pallow, How to Stuff Wild Bikini, Dr. Goldfood and Bikini Machine e Sky Party, In addition to such programs Mod Squad, Love, American Style and Clueless.

* With information from the AP agency.

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